MMA Fighter Conor McGregor spotted in an Amsterdam weed cafe

The budtender on the opposite side of the counter had a big ol’ box of weed.

Feb 22, 2018

Most folks would hesitate about having their photo taken in an Amsterdam coffee shop, but fighter and rabble-rouser Conor McGregor appeared to be a decent sport about it during a recent trip to the Netherlands. Or at least none of the budtenders walked away with a broken jaw, which is a start.

The MMA fighter and sometimes boxer was spotted by one of the employees of Prix d’Ami, an Amsterdam coffee shop near the heart of the diamond city. It’s unclear if McGregor was there to pick up any cannabis, though it’s hard to imagine what else he’d be there for. Regardless, the budtender on the opposite side of the counter has a big ol’ box of weed. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Amsterdam wouldn’t be a long trip for the fighter.

The USADA doesn’t allow cannabis ‘in competition,’ which means that there has to be a buffer between the sport and the smoke session. That shouldn’t be a problem for McGregor, who has not fought since his loss to Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match last August. McGregor has grumbled about a rematch under MMA rules, but there doesn’t seem to be much momentum from Mayweather’s end to meet McGregor in any ring, square or octagon.

Conor McGregor hasn’t reappeared on UFC grounds either. McGregor’s first born child arrived last year, though some have rumored the invitation hasn’t been extended in either direction after McGregor got into an altercation with a commissioner at a friend’s fight in Ireland. It’s possible he just needed a nice toke to calm down. 

Feb 22, 2018