Here’s How You Make Homer Simpson’s Famous Moon Waffles

Like he does in many of his videos, Babish AKA Andrew Rea starts from scratch to make his own version of Homer’s moon waffles.

May 5, 2017

From a can of Duff to mixing up a Flaming Moe – or, if you go by the original recipe, the Flaming Homer – there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate The Simpsons into your diet, which includes Homer Jay’s moon waffles.

Moon Waffles coming right up

Along with predicting the future of the presidency, The Simpsons has permeated most levels of Western culture, which most can admit even if they don’t still tune in.

And like all classics, references to memorable moments will live on as long as people continue to quote popular culture, which is why it was only a matter of time before someone cooked up Homer’s “moon waffles”.

The “patented out-of-this-world space-age” waffles appeared in an episode of the fourth season, Homer the Heretic, where Homer was home alone – having ditched church and the rest of the Simpsons – and making himself breakfast.

In the show, Homer poured some caramel, waffle batter and liquid smoke into a waffle iron, which he then wrapped around a stick of butter.

But, in the real world, how would one actually prepare a batch of moon waffles?

Lucky for everyone who has ever asked that question, the popular YouTube show Binging with Babish has the answer.

Just like previous dishes that Babish AKA Andrew Rea has prepared, such as the Mulan Szechuan sauce from Rick and Morty and the many number of foods from South Park, he stays true to the original (and pretty basic) recipe that is outlined in the episode.

First, Rea melts caramel in the waffle maker, adds the waffle batter and liquid smoke, then attempts to wrap the waffle around a stick of butter, which is the real secret to making moon waffles.

How does such a mess taste? Well, probably not the best.

But like he does in many of his videos, Rea starts from scratch to make his own version of moon waffles, which is why you need to watch this episode.

And, of course, you can always make your batch with cannabutter.

May 5, 2017