National Drug Policies To Be Reviewed By Obama Administration

The Obama Administration has called for a review the national drug policies, and implementing some changes could result in him finishing his term in the White House on a real high.

Jan 10, 2016

The Obama Administration made a new year’s resolution to review the national drug policies and make a complete revamp of the current attitude on drugs.

It’s probably unlikely that the change will mean the open and free use of cannabis and other drugs, but it is a start in solving some of the social problems that have occurred as a result of the current policies. Obama has taken some ownership over the social problems that are happening at the hands of the war on drugs, and what better way for him to leave office than to implement this change?

We may see the loosening of marijuana drug laws around the USA as a result of this report being released, but the primary focus is in correcting some of the problems in society and trying to minimize arrests for drugs.

A conversation about addiction that is based on medicine

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The overall purpose of this report is going to see that more compassion is shown to drug users, rather than putting them straight in jail. Until now, US authorities have treated drug use and addiction as a matter of moral choice, rather than seeing addiction as a medical condition. This means that those actually requiring medical help for their conditions have been ostracized, put in jail, and have not received the treatment that they need.

The report was released earlier this week by the Office of the Surgeon General, announcing that the plan is to investigate the implications of “substance abuse, addiction, and health“. The belief is that this could potentially alter the future direction of US drug policies. The nation’s leading health official, Vivek Murthy said, “We’re going to stop treating addiction as a moral failing, and start seeing it for what it is: a chronic disease that must be treated with urgency and compassion…which is why I’m proud to announce that next year, I will be releasing the first-ever Surgeon General’s Report on substance use, addiction, and health.”

The current problem is that despite the fact that Obama has referred to addiction as a medical problem, the authorities seem to be favoring arresting people an fining then for their drug use rather than addressing the medical issue at hand.

The future of drug laws

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Although this is a positive change for drug laws in the USA, meaning fewer people will be punished for their drug addictions, it is unlikely that this is going to encourage lawmakers to encourage leniency with drug laws. It is highly unlikely that this is going to encourage the free use of cannabis around the USA. In fact, it may encourage more stringent laws on marijuana, meaning that only medical marijuana patients will be allowed to use it. The focus here seems to be on the medical issue of addiction, and perhaps the medical benefits of the marijuana plant.

The direction of future drug laws may not be the most desired result for Americans, as it could mean halting future legalization of recreational cannabis in other states in the USA. Murthy’s investigation into the world of recreational drugs could mean that fewer people in the USA will have access to marijuana, and it will be reserved for those using it for medical reasons.

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Jan 10, 2016