New Jimi Hendrix Vaporizer On The Market


It has been 45 years since guitar playing legend Jimi Hendrix died, but his legacy lives on through his music, style, and now vaporizers.

Lane Tr
Nov 21, 2015
jimi hendrix vaporizer hazesticks

It has been 45 years since guitar playing legend Jimi Hendrix died, but his legacy lives on through his music, style, and now vaporizers. The eccentric rocker was never shy to show off his love of the herb and that love is what motivated his brother Leon to develop the Hendrix brand of vaporizers – HazeSticks.

Introducing HazeStick

The HazeStick brand is derived from some of Hendrix’ most famous songs, and embodies the musician’s relationship with cannabis.

“Jimi was an integral part of the psychedelic movement through his music and actions and is a natural fit to brand in the cannabis community. We are excited to release ‘HazeSticks’ and carry on that legacy to a whole new generation of fans,” states Leon Hendrix.

The HazeStick vaporizer is developed by Jacksom Corp and Purple Haze Properties and it is capable of vaporizing dry herb and cannabis oil. The companies have partnered with Silver State Trading in Nevada to bring us the vaporizers and also a line of Hendrix-inspired concentrates called “Jimi’s Genetix”.

Where you can get them
hendrix hendrix New Jimi Hendrix Vaporizer On The Market
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The vaporizers will be available for sale in Nevada, California, and Colorado initially. You will be able to purchase vaporizers that are preloaded with Jimi’s Genetix concentrates in these states as well.

The HazeStick brand is not limited to vaporizers. HazeStick will also offer merchandise, vaporizers, grinders, lighters, pipes, rolling papers, ashtrays, and some of the most unique “pre-filled” strains on the shelves of local dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores.

Celebrity Endorsement
hendrix snoop New Jimi Hendrix Vaporizer On The Market
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HazeStick represents another attempt by cannabis industry investors to bring us celebrity endorsed cannabis strains and accessories. With icons like Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Melissa Etheridge joining the cannabis rush, it would seem as though music and marijuana are taking the next step in their lucrative relationship.

Many customers are skeptical of the recent wave of celebrity endorsed cannabis products. Until now, purchasing cannabis was based strictly on quality, price, and perhaps dispensary location, but with celebrity endorsement, industry pros are hoping to cash in on the names associated with their products. Customers are concerned that celebrity involvement might weaken the quality of products while their prices increase. Are we paying for the name, or a product that is superior in quality and style?

What’s Next?

As more states legalize marijuana sale and use, we will certainly continue to see celebrities backing the industry through new product endorsements. Hopefully the big names that get involved will take special care to ensure that their products are worth the trip to the store. Until then, keep your eyes open for HazeSticks and Jimi Hendrix endorsed cannabis products.

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Lane Tr
Nov 21, 2015