Nick Diaz Is Now Officially The Face Of Weed & Wants You To Smoke Him

It’s official: Nick Diaz is finally the face of weed. In fact, you can even smoke him. Check out this video to find out how.

Dec 29, 2016
Nick Diaz

It’s official: Nick Diaz is finally the face of weed. In fact, you can even smoke him. Now, you can get high out of Diaz’s head because he is a legit pipe. That’s right, the UFC legend is now a smokeable device, and he couldn’t be more enthusiastic. During the video by TMZ, Diaz shares his excitement over his personal bowl as well as another product that his face is on. Be sure to check out the video below to see where else Diaz’s head is on display.

Nick Diaz is the face of weed, literally

Although Diaz has been considering himself as the face of cannabis for quite awhile, it is now official. That’s right; Diaz is now a smokeable pipe.

On Monday, Nick hit up a headshop in Stockton, California, only to discover that he has been transformed into a bowl. In fact, Nick isn’t the only one that inspired the shop to create new glass. His brother Nate is also going to be getting people high.

Pipes aren’t the only products that display the brothers’ faces. Along with the bowls themselves, both Nick and Nate even have their own rolling papers.

During the video, you can tell that Nick had no idea about either product. As he shows off both the pipes and papers, you can feel his level of excitement. Being a UFC legend is an honor in itself, but so is being turned into glass, smokeable glass to be exact.

As a matter of fact, Diaz is so happy in the video that he even takes a hit from his vaporizer right there in the shop. Can you say epic?

After hitting his vaporizer, Diaz then blows a cloud of smoke towards the glass owner’s face. Of course, the owner looks thrilled, because who wouldn’t be? If Nick Diaz blows smoke in your face, then you better smile and appreciate every bit of it.

Nick has considered himself as the #1 stoner athlete for awhile, but now he can honestly say he is thanks to these new pipes and papers.

Dec 29, 2016