The Awesome Nug Nation App Will Be Your New Best Friend

The new Nug Nation app offers a wide range of hilarious content that will keep you entertained throughout 2017.

Jan 4, 2017

While there are a variety of cannabis-inspired apps on the market, none are quite like the Nug Nation app. Visitors are able to create their own nug avatars to share with friends and social media, enjoy hilarious video content and read up on some of the latest nug news. This entertainment hotspot is bringing in the New Year with a revamped app and even more original content than before.

The name’s Burgundy, Bong Burgundy

Nug Nation App 1 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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When familiarizing yourself with the crazy cast of characters on The Nug Nation, none sticks out more than anchorman Bong Burgundy. As the host of Nug News 9, Burgundy is always ready to ask the hard-hitting questions to his guests, especially if those questions cover his favorite topic of women.

He even won “Host of the Year” at Denver’s Clover Leaf Cannabis Business Awards show.

In his most recent segment of Potty Talk, Burgundy sat down, on a toilet of course, with the nuged-out version of rapper Scotty ATL. The two discussed Scotty ATL’s recent endeavors, poetry and love life. Burgundy will have viewers gasping for air between uncontrollable laughter, as he asks the most inappropriate questions we’re all dying to hear.

Don’t miss Bong Burgundy’s special “The Year in Review,” where he’ll recap some of the highs and lows experienced in 2016.

Get the Nug Nation app

Nug Nation App 2 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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Due to high demand, The Nug Nation completely revamped their app. While it remains free to download, viewers have never before had more access to the original content.

Catch up on all the latest cannabis cartoons and characters. Thanks to the updated app, it’s easier than ever to catch up and become familiarized with the entire cast of The Nug Nation.

Each character, from Affy to Pine, is named from a specific strain, with a backstory to accompany. Officer Blue, named for Blue Dream, continues to fail his driving test and, despite being the main officer in Nugville, patrols the town on a Segway, as he struggles to complete even the simplest of tasks.

There’s always some shenanigans taking place in Cookie’s secret cave, as she tries to keep Batnug from taking control.

Each character has their own personality and soon, yours will, too. Once the app is downloaded, begin constructing a Nug Nation avatar than can be saved and shared throughout social media. In addition to catching up on the latest

In addition to catching up on the latest Nugville comedy and creating a personalized nug, members of The Nug Nation will also have access to purchase exclusive merchandise, perfect for representing Bong Burgundy everywhere and anywhere.

The Nug Nation app is available through the iTunes store or Google Play store and runs great on both Apple and Android operating systems.

If you’ve been looking for a way to stay entertained throughout 2017, look no further than The Nug Nation app and become consumed by the comedy that ensues.

Jan 4, 2017