Petition For Fairness: Time To Change The System

Right now, patients in Canada are petitioning to remove unjust taxes on medical cannabis. Help show our support and sign before it is too late!

Jun 10, 2016

For the thousands of medical cannabis patients in Canada, there is a beacon of hope shining for more affordable medication. Right now, an official petition is circulating, urging Parliament to rectify the unjust tax burden levied on medical cannabis sales. If this issue is important to you, or someone you care about, then you need to get on board and help this cause!

A petition for fairness

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Already, patients who use cannabis medically under the direction of their doctor or physician have to pay out of pocket for the medication, which is not covered by insurance. The expensive taxes, unique to cannabis versus any other physician-authorised medicine, are against the spirit of legalization and medical access, putting further strain on the pockets of the sick.

The petition has already received support from a Parliamentarian and will be presented in the House of Commons,  but to get the attention and action it deserves, it still needs a lot more support! Here is the meat of the matter, copied from the actual petition:

Tens of thousands of Canadians have received authorizations for medical cannabis from their healthcare provider to treat a host of symptoms and medical conditions The cost of this medication is currently subject to federal and provincial sales tax. This is inconsistent with treatment of other prescription drugs that are zero-rated by the Canada Revenue Agency As outlined in the Excise Tax Act, drugs that are authorized by a healthcare practitioner and which are not available “over the counter,” are zero-rated.

You can view the full petition and show your support by following this link and signing. You don’t even have to be a resident or medical patient in Canada to show you care.

Wide range of support

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Hilary Black, the petition’s founder, is Director of Patient and Community Services with Bedrocan Canada, as well as the founder of Canada’s first compassion club, BC Compassion Club Society. The BCCCS has served patients for 19 years, with a wide variety of services and support.

The diversity of the organizations promoting this petition shows how important this issue is. There is a very simple fix and I hope our new federal government will act swiftly to treat cannabis the same way it treats other prescription medications. – Black

Those supporters include non-government organisations in the health sector, compassion clubs dispensaries, clinics, licensed producers, and patients at home and abroad.

Show you want medical cannabis to be free of unjust taxation: Sign E-190 today. Hurry! The petition is only open for signatures until June 14, at 2:34 p.m. (EDT).

Have you signed the petition? Tell us what you think on social media using the hashtag #taxingenough or in the comments below.

Jun 10, 2016