Turns Out, Empty Cereal Boxes Aren’t A Great Place To Hide Weed

Apparently, cereal boxes don’t make for an excellent spot to hide roughly two pounds of high-grade pot as this Californian man found out.

Aug 8, 2017

Sneaking pot from one state to another can go one of two ways. By the grace of God, you’ll make it, or you’ll wind up getting busted. And well, you can kiss your buds goodbye after that. Just ask 23-year-old Donald Roots-Scott Jr., who was caught carrying two pounds of that loud pack hidden in cereal boxes from Cali to Louisiana.

Wake n’ bake

During a traffic stop on Interstate 12, Louisiana’s St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Highway Enforcement arrested a fellow for possessing roughly two pounds of high-grade pot. Apparently, cereal boxes don’t make for an excellent spot to hide weed. But hey, it was worth a shot.

On Tuesday morning, officers set up a traffic stop, which is when they noticed a rental car with California plates heading east at 86 miles an hour, according to St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page.

Inside the vehicle sat 23-year-old Donald Roots-Scott Jr. of Sacramento, who confessed that not only was his license expired, but also that he had weed on him.

As the deputies began searching the car, they came across the two pounds of pot. Some of it was inside a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, while the rest was in a box of Captain Crunch cereal. According to Roots-Scott, he was delivering the goods for distribution in nearby Mississippi.

Naturally, he was then charged with possession with intent to distribute Schedule 1 hallucinogens. On top of that charge, he also received two others. One for driving above the speed limit, and another for not having a license.

The last anyone has heard, he was being held in St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office’s jail in Covington, Louisiana. Just Friday, August 4th, is when he went before Commissioner Foil for his arraignment. Whether or not he plans to lawyer up remains a mystery.

Aug 8, 2017