Puff, Puff, and Pottery

Puff, Pass and Pottery makes getting high and creativity a joint operation.

Jan 30, 2016

The newest exploration in cannabis creativity comes in the form of getting stoned and playing with clay. Clay work is considered to be one of the most relaxing of all the handicrafts, the perfect thing for stoners.

With the childlike wonder that stoners seem to live by, this experiment was a success in bringing the arts together with cannabis. The event went for two hours, and all the cannabis that was going to be consumed during class was provided. In fact, this event attracted stoners and non-stoners alike, with sober people being on the guest list too, just to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and the fun of pottery!

Pipes, ashtrays and other handmade clay goods

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The guests at this event were involved with making their very own smoking paraphernalia while smoking some good quality herb. So as the joint or the pipe was being passed around, crafters were in the business of making their own ashtrays and pipes for future use. The guests were also instructed to create whatever other handicrafts that they would imagine in a boutique pottery store.

Jessa Decker-Smith, the facilitator of the event earned a degree in pottery during her journey and is now bringing it to the masses. She was clear to remind the guests that there are no rules in pottery and to allow the pottery to guide the hands, rather than the other way around.She studied in the USA as well as India and lives and breathes the pottery craft.

Puff, pass and more

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Puff, Pass and Pottery isn’t the only event on the schedule. There is also a Puff, Pass and Paint workshop, encouraging people to puff on some cannabis and paint a picture. In fact, the facilitator of the Puff, Pass and Paint workshop was present at the pottery class, producing perhaps some of the most creative of all the creations.

These workshops are much more than just an opportunity to get stoned, and even more than just a chance to get creative. It seems that the potential of doing both at the same time, especially because of the nature of pottery itself and the sensations felt in the hands, creates a brand new experience. This is especially true when it is a shared experience between a group of people, all getting high and getting creative together.

So for those stoners out there that aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, perhaps it’s time to experiment with some clay or paint and your favorite herb. Make sure you get in quick to secure yourself a spot for the next workshops because spots are sure to fill up fast! Check them out at www.puffpassandpaint.com

Jan 30, 2016