Purple Space Cookies: An Upbeat Hybrid With Mysterious Heritage

There are a couple of versions of Purple Space Cookies out there. Both feature high THC, beautiful dusky purple coloration, and an upbeat hybrid high.

May 11, 2017

Purple Space Cookies is a mysterious but highly coveted strain. A rising star, Purple Space Cookies is a popular selection in Western Canada, where one of the more famous versions of this bud is taking off. An upbeat and friendly strain all around, this hybrid is one to break out when you’re hanging with friends or in need in a serious de-stress session.

Strain details

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The lineage behind Purple Space Cookies is a bit mysterious. There are a couple of different strains that seem to go by the name Purple Space Cookies. One of the most impressive is a sativa bud born and bred in British Columbia. This version of Purple Space Cookies is a potent cross between Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies.

A welcome addition to the Girl Scout Cookies line, Purple Space Cookies tends to feature extremely dense buds and tends to be crystal-packed. This flower tends to express beautiful purple coloration, giving it some serious shelf appeal.

Like many purple strains, it’s not uncommon for people to describe the Purple Space Cookies aroma as sweet and grape-like. However, this bud definitely shows some hints of its Kush origins with strong undertones of earth and pine.

True to both its Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies heritage, this strain is considered very potent and often features extremely high levels of THC, well over 20 percent.

Another notable Purple Space Cookies variety is a cross between Purple Kush, Space Queen, and Girl Scout Cookies. This combination is more true to the Purple Space Cookies name and is considered a sedative indica-dominant hybrid with uplifting mental effects. This hybrid also features high levels of THC.

The Purple Space Cookies experience

— ORGANIC DEEP SPACE — — from: TheRoyalCannabisClub.com @TheRoyalCannabisClub_ ships by mail to all 19+ Canadians — Product Description: "Organic Deep Space also is known as Purple Space Cookies won three years in a row The Karma Cup as Best Organic Flower. This exclusive organic flower is described by many as the perfect high. After a hit or two, users generally start to feel a strong cerebral influence along with a feeling of elation and awareness that can increase users ability to focus. This is soon accompanied by noticeable relaxing body high that can amplified senses slowly fading into a feeling of tranquillity and well-being. Organic Deep Space buds are medium size and dense covered by a thick layer of crystal trichomes that seep through its surface. As for the taste and smell, it is a treat for any cannabis user to say the least. This strain offers a perfect blend of sweet, fruit and grape flavors flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Organic Deep Space is a perfect tool for individuals who are suffering from appetite loss, mood disorders, pain, stress, anxiety and depression."-TheRoyalCannabisClub.com — This bud looks and smells amazing. The smell of mixed berries, grapes, candy, and watermelons comes to mind. It is dark purple, light green, and absolutely packed with trichomes. It looks like weed from deep space as the name would suggest. — It has a nice sweet fruity taste that I like and was an enjoyable smoke. It burned with a white and grey ash. I felt happy, relaxed, and focused. I found it good for ADD, getting work done, and focusing on the task at hand. I can see why this bud has won so many cups, this some of the best organic bud I have had. — #mmar #cloudsovercanada #cannabiscommunity #ohcannabis #mmpr #canadiandispensary #canadianconcentrates #canadianextracts #canada420 #cannabis #girlscoutcookies #905dabs #yeg420 #710 #dabstagram #dispensaryreviews #420 #vansterdam #onlinedispensary #canadianstoners #canadianterps #CannabisIsCanada #acmpr #TheRoyalCannabisClub #420canada #purplespacecookies #yegstoners #the6ix #420toronto #canadiancannabis

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Those fortunate enough to try the BC version of Purple Space Cookies are in for a wild ride. This sativa is quick and happy, providing a powerful high with pleasant cerebral effects.

The Purple Space Cookies experience is often described as relaxed and euphoric, with a delightful energy that makes for a sociable and friendly strain.

The second common Purple Space Cookies variety provides a different feel. This strain is heavy-handed and can certainly induce some heavy eyelids and couch-lock in novice consumers. Mentally, however, this strain is thought to be fairly versatile and can provide some pleasant, talkative vibes.

Both of these strains are thought to be a little on the juicy side. Those that really hate dry mouth may especially enjoy Purple Space Cookies since this strain tends to produce less mouth irritation than others.

While potent, both varieties are thought to provide a medium-intensity high, making them great afternoon and evening choices for those with some cannabis experience.

Why do people use Purple Space Cookies?

Recreationally, either version of Purple Space Cookies makes for a great flower to share. This strain is thought to be friendly and sociable all around, making it perfect to take along to a happy hour or for an evening smoke session with friends. The BC version of this strain is better for the daytime than the Purple Kush cut, which is preferable for the evening.

Medical cannabis consumers who benefit from high-THC therapies may appreciate the pain relieving and anti-stress properties of this bud.

Those who need a little help getting to sleep at night will likely enjoy the sedative and physically relaxing effects of an indica-dominant Purple Space Cookies flower.

May 11, 2017