5 Game-Changing Moments In Recent Cannabis History

It seems that the mainstream media is covering more cannabis topics. Check out these 5 headline-making and memorable cannabis events.

Feb 25, 2017

The past couple of years has been pretty stellar for the publicity of cannabis advocacy events and other big news. It seems that the mainstream media is covering more cannabis topics, both locally and nationwide. Here are five of the most noteworthy events that got a fair share of coverage within the last four years.

1. Hollyweed 2k17

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The prank was most likely to christen the first year that recreational cannabis use will be legal in California, due to last year’s passing of Proposition 64.

But, it’s not the first time the sign has read “Hollyweed.” 41 years ago on Jan. 1, 1976, art student Danny Finegood altered the sign in the same manner in response to more relaxed cannabis laws.

2. Bill Maher lights up on-air

Bill Maher smoked a joint on live TV while hosting Real Time on Friday, February 12th last year. It served as a wake-up call for those who believe that national legalization is only a matter of time.

“You hippies need to get your head out of your grass,” Maher said, and then went on to spend seven minutes laying out his argument on why legal pot is in danger.

3. Canadian cannabis advocate gives away 1M seeds

Local cannabis activist Dana Larsen says Canadians growing cannabis at home should be the final step in Canada’s legalization movement and he’s providing the seeds to get people started.

Larsen, the director Sensible BC, gave away one million cannabis seeds for free, sending a package of 10 seeds to anyone who requests them. The only caveat being that he wants people to grow the plants to be grown in public view to make a statement to the government.

4. Charlo Greene quits on live TV

As she reported on the Alaska Cannabis Club for Alaska’s KTVA CBS 11, broadcaster Charlo Greene revealed that she’s actually the owner of the club.

Saying that she’d be devoting all of her energies to legalizing cannabis moving forward, she decided to quit on live television. Charlo went out with bang as she swore on live TV by  telling the audience: “F*ck it, I quit.”

5. #Trump420

5 Memorable Moments 4 11 Best Clear Headed Sativa Strains To Help You Concentrate
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As Donald Trump stumbled through a dividing inauguration speech, four minutes and twenty seconds in, thousands of liberals and conservatives stood side by side on the National Mall lawn and sparked up a joint in a protest organized by DC-based group DCMJ.

The event was designed to unite cannabis supporters from all political backgrounds while pushing deregulation as a priority for the new government’s agenda.

Feb 25, 2017