Relaxation Nation: Marijuana’s Role in Tranquility

Relaxation is very important for your mind, body and soul. Whether smoked, or eaten marijuana is an ideal assistant in the achievement of physical calmness.

Jul 7, 2014

When I feel stressed, or need to chill out, I smoke a fatty. It helps me get to a relaxed state. Relaxation is very important for your mind, body and soul. Needless to say, Marijuana is very calming. Whether smoked, or eaten: Cannabis induces ataractic (calming, tranquil) and euphoric effects on the user.

Relaxation is very beneficial to all beings; in fact, it is imperative to living a happy, stress free life. There are three types of relaxation: physical, mental and transcendental.

Physical relaxation is the conscious removal of tension from one’s physical body. This encompasses many forms of relaxation from deep breathing to techniques using sand bags. One form favored by many is Yoga. I would recommend taking up a local class, or have someone experienced in yoga help you out. It can be very damaging to the body to practice yoga incorrectly.

Marijuana is an ideal assistant in the achievement of physical calmness. Generally, our bodies run better when relaxed, yet stimulated and fueled with proper fuel. Cannabis creates this harmonious balance of stimulation and relaxation by increasing chemicals associated with sympathetic action (also known as the fight or flight response). The result is an increase in clean, richly oxygenated blood for your body and brain to work off: letting the left brain perceive at a higher rate; while simultaneously, the right brain’s reception is enhanced. For those who would like to get deeper into this science, it is rather interesting, here’s a link! Our bodies have an easier time relaxing when the conditions are right, so smoke or eat up some cannabis to get your body on the right track to a relaxing time!

Mental relaxation is the absence of thoughts present in the conscious mind. For some, this meditative state is harder to reach than it is for others. One must first unwind their physical self. Get comfortable, get lifted! It’s hard to alleviate one’s mind of thoughts when the body is not comfortable. The body will bother the mind for some time if this is the case, making it harder to clear the mind. Don’t have expectations. With expectations come let downs! Everyone is different and will experience everything differently. Meditation is one approach to reaching mental relaxation and it comes in so many forms from just sitting and breathing, to bringing oneself out of body and into the conscious realm. There are many ways one could benefit from meditation. Chose a method that is satisfying to you and enjoy the blissfulness of a clear mind.

Marijuana is known for its effects on one’s mind. After ingesting cannabis, one starts to notice the effects more quickly if smoked, but more intensely if eaten. When one ingests marijuana, their brain produces waves at a different frequency. It produces alpha waves, which are directly correlated with deep relaxation. So, when you take that nice hit, or eat that delicious medicated treat, your brain waves actually change. Brains process things differently at this frequency. Usually Alpha waves are reached while eyes are closed, but not always! This frequency is best for programming mind for success, creating, visualizing, remembering, learning, and concentrating. From there, one can more easily venture to deeper frequencies. Relaxing further as the deep unconscious mind is discovered and explored. A gateway to the unconscious mind is opened!

Transcendental relaxation is neither physical nor mental. According to Ramesh Balsekar, it is the “sheer joy of being”. It goes beyond physical and mental encompasses what is. It is achieved by accepting that everything is one, that you are a part of the whole, and being at peace with this fact. It embodies the ultimate love of oneself and the ultimate love of being. Balsekar goes on to describe this type of relaxation beautifully: “There is another kind of relaxation – neither physical nor mental – which is not to be achieved but which can only happen as a result of the deepest possible understanding that the individual entity as the ‘me’, as opposed to the ‘other’, truly does not exist”. When transcendental relaxation is truly reached… “…both body and mind function with the efficiency and effectiveness of nature’s intelligence.” ( For me, this was a tough one to grasp, but I think these two sources explained it well. One must first accept natural law and be one with everything. Acceptance is crucial here. A feeling of lightness and bliss comes along with this form of relaxation

I don’t know about you, but when I am stoned, it is much easier to feel “sheer joy”. It is not to say it can’t be accomplished without tokin’ up, but it sure makes it more enjoyable! Scientific proof is not needed for most to prove the enlightening effects the high from marijuana gives, but it sure is nice to be reassured sometimes. All of us stoners can agree that getting high gives us that extra strength relaxation power that we all need pretty often. Keep that spark up and that stress down!

By Stephanie A. Mack.

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Jul 7, 2014