What It’s Like To Be Religious & Love Weed

Cannabis use is not a strictly secular practice. Its ability to help people heal and achieve spiritual growth is being appreciated by more and more members of faith.

Some of the most vocal opposers of the enjoyment of cannabis are conservative religious believers. Whether it is because of the way their parents and preachers have “interpreted” their Scripture, or their own need to justify the desire to put people they don’t agree with behind bars for a personal choice, the influential admonishment of organized religion permeates the process of drug law reform across the world. But that is not a universal truth.

God made the herb

More and more devotees are coming to terms with the seemingly juxtaposed standpoints of cannabis use and religion. Whether it is because they have come to understand that the lies behind the fear are worthless, or that it helps them experience a closer spiritual connection with their Creator, Christianity and cannabis are getting closer. There are even several denominations that praise the herb as a gift from God.

Coming out of the confessional

Despite the ever increasing secular acceptance of the plant and its benefits, coming out of the confessional about cannabis can ostracize someone who belongs to a community of conservatives. This can cause a rift affecting family, friendship, and even professional standing if one works for someone also in that religious frame of mind of intolerance.

Confession is good for the soul

Catholicism believes that confession is good for the soul, but most religions agree that you have to have a personal relationship with God. So if it works better to keep your praise between you and the Big Guy, you can still share your testimonial of love and acceptance with others anonymously by using Whisper, the confessions app that millions use to share their secrets with each other, and the world.

Just take a look at the confessions of others who are in the same boat. They go to church, hold jobs, and raise their families in faith, but also use cannabis, and lead fulfilling lives. Their examples should inspire us all, and help to push the conversation of love and tolerance, even in the temples. After all, only God can judge us, right?

Are you both Christian and a cannabis user? Is it a contradiction of your faith, or an expression of it? What about for other religions? Share your testimony on social media or in the comments below.

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