Remember Those Awesome Mini Joints? They Now Come With Bling!

Go for the Gold with these first-rate mini j’s

Jan 6, 2016

Back in November, we introduced you to High Country Healing’s tourist inspired mini-j’s. The introduction of the ¼ gram joints has been a huge hit (pun definitely intended) for the Silverthorne, Colorado dispensary. But they are taking the concept a step further by introducing the “gold rush edition” of their mini-J’s.

Golden Mini-J’s

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High Country Healing recently partnered with Shine—the company responsible for the flashy 24-karat gold rolling papers that have been seen between the lips of celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. Their partnership seems like a no brainer.

Chief operating officer of High Country Health described the partnership in a recent interview.

“There is nothing out there quite like what they are doing,” Salini said. “Every time I’ve seen (Shine Papers) at any social event or gathering, they are a big hit. It just clicked — what if we could do the Mini Js in gold?”

The dispensary caters mostly to tourists who are in town for some skiing and snowboarding, but since marijuana has become recreationally legal in Colorado, the tourists want weed!

Not too high…Juuuust Right!

Not all tourists are interested in smoking 1-gram joints, as they may not be accustomed to the intensity that Colorado marijuana offers. The mini-j’s provide a smaller option for the tourists and now that the marijuana comes wrapped in the Shine golden papers, customers can be a little flashy while they get high.

High Country Healing CEO Dave Brown believes his company’s new partnership with Shine is going to be a huge hit.

“For us to collaborate with someone, they have to be bringing something new to the table to catch our eye,” Brown said. “A standard pre-roll isn’t innovative enough for us. We thought the idea of Mini Js was really clever, especially when you’re selling to tourists who might not have the tolerance for a larger joint application.”

The mini-j’s come in a nifty little tin that is co-branded with the Shine logo. The tin will keep your joints safe while you are out on the slopes. Once you have enjoyed the contents of your tin, you can pack it up and take it home as a nice souvenir.

The pre-rolled golden joints are available in 12 different strains and will set you back just $14 for 1 joint, or $110 for 10 joints. If you don’t feel like dishing out that kind of money just to smoke some 24-karat baller buds, you can still purchase the regular mini-j’s at a cheaper price—about $60 for 12 joints.

Get lifted in Colorado

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The bottom line is that these joints look awesome! Of course, the golden papers will not enhance your high, but they might get you some extra attention from onlookers. Just make sure you are aware of who is looking as smoking in public is still not allowed in Colorado. Here is a pro tip: If you smoke the joint while you are the lift chances are the only people who will notice are the ones that are riding along behind you. So the next time you are out the Colorado-way, treat yourself to the new gold standard of pre-rolled marijuana joints.

What do you think about the latest mini-j golden innovation? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.


Jan 6, 2016