Rick and Morty creator says there are 70 new episodes on the way


That’s twice the number of episodes currently in existence.

May 17, 2018
Rick, Morty and summer celebrating 70 new episodes in a space ship

Photo courtesy of Adult Swim

Things had been getting dicey for Rick and Morty fans. Despite the cartoon being Adult Swim’s biggest hit of all time, the popular show’s future seemed uncertain when staff hinted that work on future seasons had stalled. But now, the network has announced some very different news: Rick and Morty has been renewed for a 70 episode run.

“I gotta get going,” said co-creator Justin Roiland from Dan Harmon’s shower, where the two nude dudes scrubbed suds off their face. “I can’t live in your shower like I always do… I gotta get back to work Dan. We both do.”

Seventy episodes is insane. Assuming the irreverent animation network isn’t trolling us, that’s more than double the amount of Rick and Morty that currently exists—and the show’s been on since 2013. Rick and Morty will likely be running until 2023. As Rick promised in the pilot episode, Rick and Morty might just go on for 100 years, forever, over and over. The news even elicited a response from Kanye West, who should probably log off.

Adult Swim continues to be busy as bees. With the Rick and Morty wind in their sails, they’ve ordered a new show from Parks and Recreation creator Amy Poehler, a second and third season of the cult anime FLCL. Shocking many, Adult Swim unveiled a new season of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, one of Adult Swim’s first original shows. And what of a new season of The Venture Bros? I don’t know, Adult Swim, what of a new season of the Venture Bros? Where is THAT?!

May 17, 2018