This Couple Was Caught Having Sex In A Domino’s Pizza Restaurant

With the security footage going viral, the couple caught having sex in Domino’s Pizza have found themselves in the headlines, as well as court.

Jul 17, 2017

Last February, security footage of a couple having sex in Domino’s Pizza went viral, which eventually saw the two charged with “outraging public decency” by North Yorkshire Police. Yes, that’s right, Daniella Hirst, 28, and Craig Smith, 31, were seen on CCTV getting busy against the counter of one of the pizza chains stores, which was recorded for prosperity – and evidence, no less. The pair, who both come from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, has appeared in court, where they denied the charges. It was then that they were given unconditional bail, but will still have to appear at Scarborough Magistrates Court for trial on September 21.

You got 30 minutes

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The drama began when the pair was waiting for a 12-inch pepperoni (pizza, that is), which was when they were allegedly caught getting busy in the Scarborough branch of Domino’s Pizza. The footage, which was eventually uploaded to the Internet, shows the two in the act – of course, the footage then went viral.

The Prosecutor for the case, Martin Butterworth, told Scarborough magistrates,

[I]t becomes apparent from the CCTV that an act of oral sex takes place between the two and, subsequently, sexual intercourse occurs at the counter.

He also added that the act was “relatively brief, a couple of minutes.”

Because Hirst’s derrière is visible in the footage, she is said to have “outraged public decency,” which she has since said is “hardly the crime of the century.” When the video first surfaced online, Hirst said that “If your trying to tell me ya av never got a bit frisky in a random or public place then ya f****** boring haha.” [sic]

I’ll take whatever consequences come my way but I’d be shocked if this went as far as court.

While the footage clearly shows the two caught in the act, Smith has not been charged or questioned by police, since he is not exposed in the clip.

The barrister that is defending the couple, Scott McLaughlin, went on to tell the court that “[T]he obscene act in question was viewed over CCTV,” and that “no-one at the time of the incident complained.”

A piece of the pie

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When originally interviewed under caution by police, as a result of the footage appearing online, Hirst was still hoping to get away with just a “slap on the wrist,” which remains to be seen.

I’m gutted it’s got this far. There’s bigger and better things going on in the world to get into trouble for. This was just a bit of fun. It’s hardly crime of the century. Nobody was there watching.

Jul 17, 2017