These 10 Sexy Pizzas Have Zero Chill

Warning, sexy pictures of pizzas ahead! If you don’t already have the munchies, you will.

It’s late, and dinner is over. You enjoyed it, but it wasn’t quite what you were hoping. Your taste buds haven’t quite spelled it out, but you know there is something amiss. You have a craving. And when that empty food desire rears its ugly head, you must obey the beast! Munchies attack! I know I’m not going to make it any better with this article, and you may even despise me for making it worse. At least you will know what the beast craves because it is going to go nuts when it sees the 10 sexiest pizzas on Instagram.

1. The United Nations Pizza

Sex is like pizza. When it's good, it's gooooodd. And when it's bad, it's still pretty good 👉🏼👌🏼🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕✋🏼🍕✋🏼🍕🍕✋🏼🍕BUT THIS, THIS RIGHT HERE WAS THE BEST PIZZA I'VE EVER HAD. And not just that, they do 20 inch pizzas. I know I know, quality over quantity bit these legends have it all!!!! Best meal yet in Queenstown, NZ. Anybody over here or heading over soon, so yourself the biggest favour. I got half/half Atomic Badger & Hawaiian Badger with off the bone leg ham & juicy juicy pineapple 🐷🍍🐷🍍🐷🍍 Not only that, friendliest and most accommodating staff you'll ever find 💛💛💛 You know you're gonna have a goooooood feed when you need to use your hand as size reference ✋🏼 #Sydneyfoodslut #Queenstown #NewZealand #NZEats #FatBadgersPizzaBarQueenstown #FatBadgers #FatBadgersPizza #sex #pizza #sexypizza #eatingpizzawhilehavingsex #committingcarbocide #itreallyisnteasybeingcheesy

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This has everything you could want: Canadian bacon, Pineapple, American beef, Italian sausage, Jalepeños, & Bell Peppers. This is like an edible map of the North America.

2. Brick pizza?

I can’t wait to try this amazing dish! Chicken, tomatoes, pesto, mushrooms, white sauce, basil, & garlic. Just look at that crust and grab the phone. You know you want to.

3. Food porn at its finest

What’s not to love about a pizza pie made to look like a pie? Exactly.

4. The perfect fit

It goes deep, but isn’t too big around. The perfect pleaser, this is the sexiest little pizza pie around!

5. Sometimes it’s that quick fix

Do you ever get that craving for a quick frozen pizza? The kind with the good toppings and the thin crust you can fold in half while Netflix and chilling? Me too!

6. When you want cheese

Need I say more? Deep-dish thick like a brick, cheese like taffy; this is heaven.

7. Globs of the good stuff

Those huge chunks of cheese… melted into islands of chewy goodness in a sea of flavor!

8. Artisanal experience

Pizza♥️ 😋 #foodandwine #howiholiday #lovefood

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This is the new way to enjoy pizza. Personal size, fresh flavors, and no cutting necessary. This is truly mouth watering.

9. Exotic spices

I don’t know what they put on this, but the ambiance is more than enough to make me want to eat at this pizza spot.

10. When I try to watch what I eat

As a guy who spends a good bit of my day in front of a computer, I know what is is like to put on a few extra pounds. So I have decided to limit myself to only one slice of pizza. I don’t want to pig out, or get a pot belly. This is going to be my official serving size.

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