13 Sexy Strains For Getting It On

Are you ready for the best sex of your life? These 13 aphrodisiac-laden sexy strains will alight passion in your nether regions.

Sep 18, 2016

Looking for a little help in the love department? What about something to enhance the fun? Cannabis can be quite the aphrodisiac for both men and women. Though, some argue that women are more sensitive to the herb’s effects. Regardless, the trick is to work nice and slow with these strains. Use a little too much and you might find yourself in a very different mood. Without further ado, here are 13 sexy strains for getting it on.

1. Asian Fantasy

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Asian Fantasy is a go-to strain for those looking to turn up the heat in bed. The genetics of this strain are a mystery, but it’s well-known for providing a creative, energetic, and frisky high. A 100% pure sativa, you’ll be ready for some seriously spiritual loving after a few tastes of Asian Fantasy.

You won’t feel much of a body high from this strain, rather you’ll be lit up in aroused, euphoric delight. This strain is pretty darn psychoactive, with THC levels ranging from 17 to 24%. In low to moderate doses, expect a meditative, cerebral experience.

In higher doses, you may find yourself too spacey and introverted for physical activities. Depends on your tolerance, though.

2. Skunk No. 1

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Skunk No. 1 never fails to impress. This popular strain now makes up the backbone of many modern hybrids. For good reason, too. The high from this hybrid provides the perfect balance of mental stimulation and bodily relaxation.

It’s this balance that makes it perfect for a role in the hay. You may find yourself both mentally and physically stimulated by your partner.

Unfortunately, this strain does have a habit of causing dry mouth. So, you may want to plan ahead with some water or some form of flavored lubrication before you get too into it with this one.

3. Granddaddy Purple

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Have performance anxiety? Not with Granddaddy Purple. This potent indica is known for cultivating an intense body relaxation. If aches and pains are putting a damper on your libido, you can kiss them goodbye with good ol’ GDP.

As an indica, this strain may be preferable for those who struggle to get out of their own heads while in the act. Since GDP is all body, you’ll find that your thoughts melt away and you can sit back and enjoy physical sensation. Be careful not to overdo it with GDP, however. Too much of this strain will put you in couchlock and you’ll be ready for a nice nap.

4. Flo

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Flo is super sexy. Another great strain for those with anxiety, Flo is a slightly-sativa dominant hybrid with an ultra mellow feel. Creative and subtle, this strain provides a nice, gentle body sensation with plenty of sociable, cerebral uplift. The THC content of this strain doesn’t get too high, making it perfect for getting in the mood.

Mild to moderate doses of THC are great for getting those sex juices flowing. But, sometimes powerful strains can have the opposite effect. You don’t have to worry about that with this hybrid. It’s an easy ride all the way through. Dim the lights a little, put on some good mood music, then lay back and embrace the Flo.

5. Super Lemon Haze

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If you respond well to sativas, but you want to avoid getting stuck in your thoughts, Super Lemon Haze may be perfect for you. Lively and happy, this sativa will give you plenty of spunk. While it’s mostly sativa, this strain is technically a hybrid.

This means that there is a little indica thrown into the mix. Many users actually feel this strain in their body first, as a sudden wave of calm eases stress and muscle tension.

It’s the combo of the energized yet relaxed effects that make this strain so great for getting it on. Daily stress melts away and you’ll find yourself fully engaged in the present moment (and all the friskiness that comes with it).

6. Sour Dream

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If you’re looking at a long night, Sour Dream might be just the strain for you. This sativa-dominant hybrid will keep you up and at em all night long. A spirited cross between Sour Diesel and Blue Dream, the effects of this strain are as energizing as a strong cup of coffee.

For those of you who are hoping to catch someone after a party or night at the club, this strain will give you the stamina to pull through. The hybrid combo also means that your body will feel nice and loose, a much-appreciated quality when you’re low on sleep or are a sore after dancing your heart out.

7. Skywalker

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Sometimes, you just want a mellow strain for some quality weekday lovin’. If you’re staying in with your honey this evening, a little Skywalker can add some extra pizazz. This strain is a nice and gentle indica.

Other indicas can very quickly knock you out, but Skywalker is easygoing and mild. Rather than leaving you nearly catatonic, Skywalker provides a light touch.

The THC content in this strain averages about 15%, which is just enough to give you a subtle tingly-body sensation. It’s perfect for stripping away any lingering workday stresses or petty arguments. It also boosts mood and cultivates feelings of euphoria, uplift, and happiness.

8. Blue Cheese

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This strain really does have a stanky cheese flavor, so you may want to pair this one with a nice bottle of wine.If you’re hoping to experiment with a new position, you might feel a little more limber after some Blue Cheese.

Fortunately, this indica-dominant hybrid also has powerful pain-relieving properties. So, you’re safe to let inhibitions loose with this one.

Blue Cheese is also known for inducing giggle fits. Get ready for a truly silly and playful experience after a few tastes. Grab this strain when you’re down to get a little funky.

9. Chocolope

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They say chocolate is an aphrodisiac, but what about Chocolope? There’s something about this sativa that really gets people going. Perhaps it’s the deep nutty, sweet aroma or the blissful, nearly psychedelic high. Whatever it is, you’re sure to feel some tingles in your nether regions after a little of this strain.

Chocolope tends to be very potent, so new consumers may be a little intimidated by this strain. As a sativa with up to 21% THC, you may find yourself a little anxious if you’re not accustomed to an intensely trippy and cerebral high.

10. Afghan Kush

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Sometimes, you just want a heavy, in-your-body experience. That’s exactly what Afghan Kush provides. As a pure indica, the effects of this strain are all physical. If pain has been preventing you from being intimate, you may find that problem has disappeared after some Afghan. Movements will feel nice, slow and intentional.

You might find that your body is your center of awareness, but in a good way.

As with other indica strains, consuming a little too much might just make you sleepy. To get the most from the arousing nature of this strain, start slow and work up. You’ll know it when you get to that magic sweet spot.

11. Alaskan Thunder F*ck

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Doesn’t the name say it all? ATF is an uplifting strain with a happy and promiscuous attitude. This strain is the perfect choice for a first date (or second or third). It’s energizing and creative, promoting excellent conversation and easygoing vibes.

In the sack, this is all fun and games. It tends to have a slow onset, making it a good choice if you anticipate plenty of foreplay.

As a sativa, this strain will also keep you up well past your bedtime. Weekend warriors will appreciate the stamina this spicy flower provides. The THC content of this strain tends to run a little high, so new consumers should pace themselves.

12. True OG

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Another great choice for those who want an all body experience. True OG is an OG Kush cut with extremely powerful effects. Expect arousing sensations to kick in sometime between your first taste and midway through the experience.

As True OG begins to wear off, you might find yourself sweaty and ready for a nap, a sandwich, a shower, and/or another cannabis cigarette.

The experience of this strain is almost narcotic. Some versions even feature THC levels up to 27%. You might find that the blissful yet sedative arousal from this strain can be sort of intense and dirty. If that sounds hot to you, this might be your perfect match.

13. Strawberry Kush

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This is the perfect indica for cannabis newbies or for those with a lower tolerance. It’s a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Cough, which means you get some of the same heavy body effects as True OG, but they are not nearly as narcotic. Rather, Strawberry Kush provides a mellow sedation with plenty of tingly effects.

While some of the other strains on this list may provide a deep, more visceral arousal, Strawberry Kush is more carefree and calm. It’s a great choice to use with your partner or for when you’re looking for something light and playful.

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Sep 18, 2016