Should I Invest in Vaporizer Companies?

So you’re thinking about what you should invest in for the cannabis industry. Are vaporizer companies a valuable option?

Sep 13, 2015

Cannabis is a huge industry, and it involves much more than just growing and selling bud. The accessory market for cannabis is booming, and people are discovering their favorite ways to consume cannabis.

One of those methods is vaporizing, which has been proven to be both a healthier and tastier option. Vaping requires an electronic aspect that can be appealing for investors, considering the industry is now demanding smaller, better vapes. The following are some factors to consider about the industry of cannabis vaporizers before making the decision to invest a lot of your earnings.

  1. Health Effects of Vaping

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Vaporizing works by heating up the plant material to a point where it doesn’t combust, but rather evaporates the active ingredients like THC and CBD. This has proven to be a huge benefit of vaporizing because smoking cannabis produces several known carcinogens and tar that can lead to chronic bronchitis. Overall, vaping your cannabis is much better for your health than smoking, so it would be logical that the industry would grow within a safer alternative.

  1. The Future of Vaping

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There is no roof to the industry of vaporizers; it has only just begun! Vapes are getting smaller and smaller while increasing in quality. Currently, the small to-go vaporizers cannot touch the quality of a premium vaporizer like the Volcano, but the progression will come with innovation. It’s very likely the future of smoking cannabis lies with handheld vapes, and that means big money for early investors.

  1. Changing Technologies

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The world of vaping is especially lucrative because of the changing technologies involved in the industry. Constant innovation will inspire cannabis connoisseurs to upgrade their vaporizers when a new product or technology is released. It’s really just another electronic, and we all know how eager consumers are to have the latest gadget.

  1. The Problem of Being Able to Smoke Anywhere

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Vapes have landed themselves in hot water recently because it makes consuming marijuana very easy. Due to the portability of small vape pens, the fact that they don’t produce smoke, and the ease of needing to inhale only a minor amount of weed, anyone has a spare five seconds to get high. This can be problematic as it makes it easy for someone to get high when on the job or living in an anti-drug home.

  1. Ready for the New Digital World?

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The only other negative aspect to vapor investment is that you have to assume the weed world is ready to financially support the world of vaping. The old cannabis-consuming crowd may never stop rolling zig zags without filters, but these companies are targeting the younger smokers who don’t mind plugging in one more thing in at night.

Right now is the best time to get into the world of vaping. This technology is gaining more steam and a majority of the companies are small start-ups looking for new investors. As the world of cannabis becomes more mainstream and legalized across many states, people will be looking for healthy options to consume their legal product.

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Sep 13, 2015