Sir Patrick Stewart realized his father suffered from PTSD and it explains everything.

The effects of PTSD are far worse if you don’t know how to recognize them. Watch Sir Patrick Stewart talk about how his father’s PTSD changed his childhood.

Jun 15, 2015

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a relatively recent discovery that has yet to be fully understood. It’s currently incurable, and sufferers are left to their vices in managing the often devastating symptoms.

Sir Patrick Stewart grew up before PTSD was identified, and didn’t know until recently that his father’s behavior was due to the disorder. Watch Stewart explain in this BBC special the impacts PTSD had on his family, and ultimately his life.

It is widely accepted that cannabis offers therapeutic properties that help alleviate the symptoms of PTSD. As awareness of this condition grows, we are hopeful that it will only spur broader acceptance of medical marijuana and decriminalization.

In fact, we’re already seeing the beginnings of changing policy. Just this past May, Senators gave their approval for an amendment that would give veterans legal access to cannabis treatment nationwide. Here, here!

Jun 15, 2015