Smoke, Eat, And Drink In This Cannabis-Friendly Restaurant

In this cannabis-friendly restaurant, you can vape your weed while enjoying a beer and a fine dining experience. Not bad!

Dec 9, 2015

The Green House Kitchen is the marijuana dining experience in Europe’s cannabis capital, Amsterdam. This restaurant in the cannabis Mecca of the world allows you to vaporize weed while enjoying a fine dining experience. Nothing is burned in the restaurant so that no toxic particles are released.

You can order drinks, food and weed at the Green House Kitchen. If you would prefer to vaporize with herbs such as lavender and mint, they are available for the mix, too.

Smoke, eat, drink all at the same time
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Critics are optimistic about this restaurant because it provides guests with the opportunity to smoke, drink and eat a proper meal all at the same time. Most bars serving alcohol and food do not allow smoking on the premises, but to keep in line with Dutch law the restaurant allows vapes but not joints. This also means the marijuana can be purchased from the bar but not from the restaurant.

Dec 9, 2015