Sneak Peek of “Almost Legal with Tommy Chong” Debuts October 23!

Almost Legal with Tommy Chong stars Tommy Chong as the host, who sits down with different celebrity guests in each episode.

Oct 20, 2015
Almost Legal with Tommy Chong

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Marijuana legend, Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong has his own talk show! Almost Legal with Tommy Chong stars Tommy Chong as the host, who sits down with different celebrity guests in each episode. The 10-episode online series premieres October 23.


Chong who is a young 77 years old, iconic actor, best-selling author, and Grammy-winning comedian, will embark on this new adventure that he hopes will attract both old fans and to a younger generation of new fans. The show will be a satirical series resembling the traditional late-night talk show format with interviews, musical guests and comedy skits. Chong describes the show as: “a stoner’s version of [The Daily Show with] Jon Stewart.”

Regarding the show’s subject matter, Chong told Page Six,

“anything that affects the pot smoker’s status in any way, negative or positive.”

He will also use the show as a platform to advocate for medical marijuana. A subject that hits close to home for Chong who medicates himself with weed as he currently is battling cancer.


The show is produced by FilmOn Networks. It will air on the FilmOn’s website


When Chong was diagnosed with rectal cancer and had to suspend traveling on the road, his son, Paris Chong, suggested he start a talk show so he could still do what he loved, but in one location. His son also directed the entire series.

The series also allows him to continue to advocate for what he believes in. He will chat about the benefits and reasons why marijuana should be legalized, and also speak of his personal experience of medicating with cannabis.


Almost Legal will feature special guests such as, Garfunkel & Oates, George Lopez, Steve-O, Andy Milonakis, Henry Rollins, Danny Trejo, Killer Mike, Roy Choi, Bruce Margolin & many more.

More info about Tommy:

Tommy Chong just finished chemotherapy, and will be heading into surgery in the next few weeks to remove a tumor. However, he still decided to take on this project. What an amazing guy! He is a man who truly loves what he does and believes in the healing power of cannabis. Chong actually said that medical marijuana would be one of the biggest topics discussed on the show.

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“I’ve been offered a lot of exotic painkillers that give you a tremendous drug habit,” he said in an interview with Page Six. “I’ve been using pot instead . . . and that’s been the most beneficial.”

Despite some discomfort from his cancer, Chong is fairly optimistic about his future and life. In the same interview with Page Six, he associates his positive outlook to marijuana.

“That’s because I’m high all the time,” he told the website. “I have to get up in the middle of the night and smoke up so the pain will be bearable. I’m stoned all the time. I’m stoned right now.”

Check out the show when it premieres online October 23. Head over to for more information about the show. In the meantime, check out Cheech and Chong and Snoop Dogg on GNN.

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Oct 20, 2015