Snoop Dogg VS Bill Gates: Who Will Be The Greatest Secret Santa?

This year two special names are competing for Reddit’s ‘Greatest Secret Santa’ title: Snoop Dogg and Bill Gates, and competition is fierce!

Dec 20, 2016
Secret Santa

Perhaps the most exciting part of the holidays is participating in Secret Santa. Not only do you get a surprise gift, but you also don’t know who it’s from until you receive it. Sometimes you don’t like what you get, but sometimes you do. Reddit’s Secret Santa, in particular, is far from disappointing and continues to grow more and more each year. In fact, past years have included celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, this year two special names are competing for the ‘Greatest Secret Santa’ title: Snoop Dogg and Bill Gates.

‘Greatest Secret Santa’ title

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When it comes to Secret Santa, Reddit never disappoints. In fact, the gift giving exchange continues to grow each year and has even won three Guinness World Records,

As many of you know, last year we set out to beat our previous record of 44,805 participants in the world’s largest online Secret Santa.

And it’s now officially official and officially amazing: in 2013, we doubled our number of participants, with 89,421 individuals successfully completing the redditgifts Secret Santa 2013 exchange. That means we are Guinness World Record holders three times over!

What makes Reddit’s Secret Santa so exciting is the fact that celebrities participate, including Bill Gates and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bill Gates is back at it this year. However, he has some competition, which happens to be the world’s favorite weed enthusiast Snoop Dogg.

The goal of the 2016 Secret Santa for these two special guests is spoiling their receivers the best that they can. Snoop, in particular, surprised the hell out of Erin, aka queenoftitsandwine on Reddit with a box of gifts from the legend himself.

The presents, in particular, include cozy Snoop Dogg slippers, a Broadus Family brand jar of baby powder, and some tea. Also, she received a mini-drone and a Snoop Dogg Millionaire t-shirt (jealous yet?). Naturally, she couldn’t contain her excitement,

Stuff like this never happens to me, like ever. I got a message from reddit saying my Santa contacted them and told them my package had been shipped. I joked with my husband about it being a celebrity. Well jokes on me. Holy sh*t! I need a minute for this to sink in. My heads in the clouds right now!

Did Bill Gates outshine Snoop?

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Obviously, receiving a gift from Snoop is an honor in itself, but what about one from Bill Gates? The former head of Microsoft surely didn’t disappoint either.

Bill Gates’s Secret Santa gift, in particular, included a wide variety of nerdy delights, including Xbox One controllers, a Minecraft edition Xbox One, various Zelda gifts including a paper version of the Master Sword, and even a Cajun cookbook that features Gate’s personal signature.

Aerrix was thrilled, to say the least,

I immediately call my husband at work, I normally text him first to make sure it’s ok if I call but I couldn’t wait…He answered and I spoke very quietly because I knew if I didn’t I would just yell, and I said something like “dear, please tell me you can talk right now,” and he sounded worried and he’s like “yes? What’s going on?”


It’s hard to tell who won this competition. Of course, everyone loves Snoop Dogg, so receiving practically any gift from him would be an honor. Gates, however, clearly did not hold back on spoiling his recipient and put a lot of thought into his gifts. Did Gates outshine Snoop? You be the judge.

Dec 20, 2016