State Of Marijuana: The Most Important Cannabis Event This Year

The State of Marijuana is the cannabis event of the year, and you need to be there. Check this out for a 20% discount on event tickets.

Aug 23, 2016

Think back to the last cannabis event you attended. How was the experience? If your experiences were anything like mine, you were left questioning the direction of the cannabis industry. These events often seem like “half-baked” gatherings designed to encourage consumption, over education and quality networking opportunities. What if you could get the best of everything the cannabis industry has to offer, without wading through a sea of “dabbed out” goofballs? Well, you can at The State of Marijuana; a cannabis event held on the Queen Mary this September 26th – 27th.

Quality over quantity

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There is no denying that the loosening of cannabis laws is beneficial for society. Much of the progress we are experiencing is the result of motivated organizations who work tirelessly to present the cannabis industry as sensible and professional. One such organization is the 501C3 C.A.R.E., Cannabis Awareness, Research, and Education.

C.A.R.E. was created by Susan Soares, a Californian who longed to be part of the cannabis community but didn’t feel that the majority of cannabis events available represented her or her peers in the best way.

I longed for events that I could take my skeptical family to, my elected officials, noncommunity friends, and potential partners. My mission became to provide events that are intimate, elegant, creative, educational and allow attendees to fully immerse themselves in the experience. I believe there is a larger market for this genre of event rather than the typical hip hop dabfest. – Susan Soares, founder C.A.R.E.

The culmination of Soares’ desire to polish the cannabis industry’s public image is The State of Marijuana.

The State of Marijuana

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The State of Marijuana kicks off its 3rd annual event this September 26th – 27th. Following two years of sold out success, this year’s event promises to be the best yet. Held on the historic Queen Mary (Jane) in Long Beach, California, attendees will inevitably solidify their positions in cannabis history.

The Queen Mary has a history rich in controversy and triumph. Built at the end of the Great Depression, the ship has sailed through alcohol prohibition and World War 2.

The ship will now help the cannabis industry exit the locks of prohibition as it enters a sea of green with a precious cargo of politicians, innovators, experts, and eager cannabis enthusiasts.

Event panelists you don’t want to miss

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With the help of keynote speakers Stephen DeAngelo (Harborside Health Center), Ethan Nadelmann (Drug Policy Alliance) and Betty Yee (California State Controller), the State of Marijuana will provide valuable insights into the past, present and future of cannabis’ position in our culture.

The panels  focus on the nuanced details of the regulations and the language of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This is the popular cannabis Act that is on California’s November ballot. Panelists will also look at what to expect as far as business opportunities and how research could affect those, as well as public health and safety.

In addition to panel discussions, exclusive networking is available aboard the historic ship’s outdoor deck at the State of Marijuana official after-party. Some of the leading companies in the industry will be showcasing their brands in the Britannia Salon and on the smoking deck outside.

Because of the intimate numbers and the audience made up of mostly VIP’s, the opportunity for quality networking is at it’s best.if you are staying on board the ship during the event, it won’t end at the After Party . The rooms are non-smoking so the smoking decks will be a popular meet and greet spot.

All aboard!

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Learn more about the State of Marijuana at for information about the event and to view our full agenda and speaker list.

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Aug 23, 2016