The 7 worst things about living in a non-legal state

Tired of hearing about dispensaries and strains you can’t try?

Jan 23, 2018
states where weed is illegal

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Reyes/ via Flickr

In ganja-friendly states like California, Colorado, and Oregon, people are out puffing and painting, chowing down on weed-infused cuisines, and picking up their favorite strain from their local dispensary. For those of us in anti-weed states—such as Virginia, Idaho, and Wisconsin—we wouldn’t know about that life because it’s, well, illegal. We don’t even know what we’re smoking half the time. The only thing that might make it a bit better is that we can commiserate with our friends about the situation. Here are the 7 worst things about living in a state where weed is illegal.

1. Dealing with dealers


One of the worst things about living in a state where weed is illegal is having to buy your bud from a dealer. While many pot smokers are fortunate enough to have a bud man/woman that’s reliable, others can’t say the same. Some of us have to practically chase our dealer around town just to get an eighth of herb. And if the one dealer we have gets busted, then we are forced to find a new one, which opens up a whole different issue entirely.

2. Getting busted


When you live in a state where weed is illegal, you can’t always be open about your love for Mary Jane. Unless you smoke behind closed doors, there’s always a risk that you’ll get caught. But getting busted while smoking isn’t the only thing you have to worry about in a state where weed is illegal. If an officer so much as finds you holding a gram, then you’ll definitely be seeing them again in court. Before you know it, you’ll be drowning in fines and kissing your license goodbye. Not to mention, you’ll be forced to take some stupid drug class, followed by a series of random drug tests for your PO. Who knows, you might even wind up in jail all because of a harmless plant. The possibilities are endless.

3. Smoking anonymous weed


Regardless of whether you live in a state where weed is illegal, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if you’re smoking quality bud or some straight dirt weed. But when it comes to the strain name, the effects, or whether it’s an indica or a sativa, your guess is as good as anyone else’s. Sure, your bud man might say he’s got some “Over the Moon Kush” on deck. But you never honestly know if that’s what it is or not. Even if you did know, you still have no idea what “Over the Moon Kush” is. Not until you look it up on the interwebs, anyway.

4. Scoring edibles and dabs is like finding a needle in a haystack

giphy Snoop Dogg takes us to church with a weed infused Gospel album

Another one of the worst things about living in a state where weed is illegal is that finding authentic weed-laced gummies and other edibles can be damn near impossible. Once in a blue moon, you might come across a homemade marijuana brownie. But you won’t have any clue as to how much THC is in there, or if it was correctly made. All you can do is eat it, wait, and hope for the best.

Dabs are also a rare item in most states where weed is illegal. Just like edibles, even if you know a guy that has them, you’re still blind to their potency and effects. Again, all you can do is ingest the thing and pray you don’t pass out.

5. There are no pot shops


Want to go pick up some Bubba Kush from a licensed dispensary? Forget about it, because if you’re in a state where weed is illegal, there are absolutely zero dispensaries around. No THC-infused bath bombs, no topicals, no nothing. For now, you’re stuck meeting so and so in the Walmart parking lot for the usual “quarter,” which comes wrapped in a plastic bag instead of an airtight container. How lovely.

6. You can’t participate in weed-friendly activities


In legal states, there’s plenty of 420-friendly fun to be had. Not only is there ganja yoga, where you can smoke a J while in Downward Dog, but there are also classes like Puff, Pass, Paint, where you can get high and unleash your inner Picasso. In a state where weed is illegal, however, there’s none of that. You can create your own version at home or at a friend’s house, but it’s just not as entertaining. Not to mention, it’s illegal.

7. Growing your own plants is highly prohibited


Last on the 7 worst things about living in a state where weed is illegal is not being able to cultivate your own ganja. Whether you consume cannabis for medicinal purposes or just because you want to, using your green thumb to grow weed is a big no-no in illegal states. Until your state finally decides to legalize the herb, parenting a bunch of precious marijuana plants is probably not the best idea. Then again, we won’t blame you.

Jan 23, 2018