Stephen Colbert: Ohio Going Green and the Marijuana Mascot


Stephen Colbert is the new host of The Late Show in case you were unaware. Check out his hilarious segment regarding legalization in Ohio and “Buddie”.

Sep 18, 2015

As most of you may be aware, Stephen Colbert is now the host of The Late Show as he replaced David Letterman. On one of his newest segments of the show that debuted recently, Stephen Colbert had a nice introduction about cannabis news to the world.

In his segment, Stephen Colbert talked all about Ohio and their marijuana legalization efforts and even includes their newest marijuana mascot, “Buddie”, which we covered earlier this month in an article. In addition, Stephen Colbert throws in his typical humor and includes Wendy’s and also Willie Nelson in the mix.

As always, Stephen Colbert delivers some great humor while also covering some ground for cannabis news. We are glad to already see Stephen Colbert bringing some cannabis news to The Late Show, and we hope to see more of it since Colbert does not technically put cannabis into a negative light and instead brings some comedy to the news.

“If you’re a college student who’s high and you see Buddie, I’m not sure you’re going to go to the voting booth. I’m pretty sure you’re going to check yourself into a psych ward. I’m not convinced that is marijuana. It’s got a B on its chest and it kind of looks like a giant Brussels sprout,” said Colbert.

If you haven’t seen the segment, check it out below and enjoy some laughs and also some educational pieces if you were not aware of them!

Sep 18, 2015