Stoner Moms: The Industry’s Greatest Untapped Market

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Watch VICE tour Jessica Roake, mother of two, around Colorado’s marijuana industry, offering insights into what’s keeping stoner moms from the marketplace.

Jul 27, 2015

It’s not called the ‘green rush’ for nothing — size estimates of the cannabis industry are no mystery to entrepreneurs working feverishly with dollar signs in their eyes.

However, it’s one thing to predict a boom and quite another to see it realized, as we learned in the dot-com era. So it’s poignant these variables be identified now:

“For marijuana to truly be the economic juggernaut that many hope it will, people that don’t smoke that much need to start smoking more.”

And this is why stoner moms are a hot commodity. As VICE aptly puts it, “If you can get the moms smoking then you can get almost anybody.”

Watch this informative segment by VICE where Jessica Roake, mother of two from suburbia Washington D.C., tours Colorado’s marijuana industry, offering insights into what’s keeping moms out of the marketplace. One such nugget:

“See but like, Green Crack, that’s a real branding problem, if you want to get rid of the stigma for moms. Oh see the Black Sugar Rose, that’s like totally a chardonnay name. That’s accessible.”

What other changes will need to be made to improve this accessibility? Those with the answer will reap the rewards.

Jul 27, 2015