Stop What You’re Doing & Watch 6 Rosin Dabs Smashed in 1 Breath

Josh from StrainCentral makes and takes a large dab made up of 6 different Rosins.

Mar 31, 2016

This time, Josh from StrainCentral going for 6 Rosin dabs in 1 breath.  Now this is as much fun as it is educational.  The fun part is pretty much self-explanatory while the education piece is Josh teaching by showing the populace that you can consume a large quantity of cannabis and be completely fine, as opposed to the common misconception that you can overdose like most other drugs, and would fall out of your chair convulsing. It’s just not true!

However, this does come with a caveat. He has built up a tolerance, so he wouldn’t suggest a new user go buck wild and perform the same challenge.

The Rosin Strains

Firstly he isn’t just doing the same rosin six times, he is actually going to be doing six different rosins. The first is Alan Wrench which is a Sativa strain with 20.4% THC,  two different forms of blueberry pancakes, generally considered a very high-quality Indica strain. Also known for high THC content, but can range from 14-24%THC depending on which form of blueberry pancake it is.  Sour Cookies which is a mashup of Girl scout cookies and Sour Diesel comes in around 20% THC The Sauce is a hybrid strain Sativa60%/Indica40% strain with roughly 15-16% THC and Ewok Napalm which is Ewok with a clear concentrate.  Ewok typically comes in at around 21%THC.

The Outcome

NOT ENJOYABLE!! Josh didn’t wait very long at all before smoking that dab of mixed strains.  It was very hot going into his lungs that he didn’t enjoy it much. Even worse was that it had almost no flavor. But he did it regardless and completes yet another challenge put in front of him. Worth nothing, he remains super positive even after a less than desirable hit.

Have you done 6 dabs in 1 breath?  How was your experience?  Share your thoughts with us on social media or in the comments below.

Mar 31, 2016