Strain Of The Day: White Rhino

Looking for a full-bodied indica with a euphoric twist for a lazy day or the evening? White Rhino is an oldie but goodie.

Oct 26, 2016

White Rhino is a classic indica with full-bodied effects. This high-THC strain is a natural pain fighter with plenty of drowsy, couch-locking effects. Save this strain for a lazy day or the evening, as you won’t want to get much done. While White Rhino is fairly popular in U.S. dispensaries, this strain is easiest to find in Amsterdam coffee shops. 

Strain details

White Rhino 1 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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White Rhino has been around for a while, but it’s a very reliable indica hybrid. A cross between legendary powerhouse White Widow and an unknown indica, White Rhino has inherited a heavy full-body high.

When you go back far enough, the lineage of this strain is pretty global. It is thought to have some Afghani, Mexican, U.S., and Canadian roots.

Though you might say that this strain is old school, the THC content is certainly impressive. White Rhino consistently produces over 20% THC, often reaching up to 25%. Experience with cannabis is recommended for this strain.

White Rhino has a strong woody, earthy flavor. Hints of pine and plenty of sweetness give this indica a Kush feel in terms of taste and aroma. You may notice a slight berry taste to this strain. All in all, this is one pungent flower. For the best flavor profile, opt for organic White Rhino whenever possible.

The White Rhino experience

White Rhino 2 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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White Rhino provides a full mind and body experience. Yet, this potent herb is predominantly indica. You can certainly expect some heavy-hitting effects. Your eyelids may start to droop, and body-numbing indica effects set in shortly after the first taste.

However, this strain is a creeper overall. You’ll have to wait a few minutes for the potency to really show up. And when it does, it’s awesome.

While this strain envelopes you in a calm, tension-easing haze, it’s also known for producing euphoric and blissful head high. White Rhino has been described as almost narcotic, providing heavy physical sedation with ample mood-lifting capabilities.

The smoke from White Rhino can really expand in your lungs. It’s not uncommon to get a thick, powerful exhale after what you thought was a small hit. Those inexperienced with cannabis may find themselves coughing with this strain.

Why do people use White Rhino?

White Rhino 3 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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White Rhino tends to induce couch lock, so you’ll want to save this one for when you don’t have much to do. If you’re sitting down and doing mindless busywork, like stapling papers or something you’ll probably appreciate the relaxed distraction this strain provides.

Otherwise, this powerful bud is excellent for taking a load off or sinking into the sofa during a movie night. For the best White Rhino experience, you may want to have some snacks and some ice water handy.

This indica hybrid is popular among medical consumers. The strong body high it provides can ease chronic pain and quickly quell gastrointestinal distress. Those with insomnia will appreciate the drowsiness of this evening strain. The sedative qualities of White Rhino may also be beneficial to those with anxiety, though be mindful of the high THC.

Oct 26, 2016