If You’re Feeling Aroused, Smoke These Strains For The Best Sex

Oct 11, 2017
Yumboldt Strain Arousal

Some may be surprised to learn that weed can improve their sex life considering that its two major side effects seem to be dry mouth and social awkwardness. But it can also be a sexy drug. Consider Rhianna. Or Kid Cudi back in the day. Smoke tricks probably fall under that category, too. But the mental and physical effects of weed can also act as an aphrodisiac. In fact, many swear by a few select strains for improving sex. These five strains are among the best.

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Ultimate Trainwreck

It’s kind of like the regular Trainwreck, but ultimate. Not the most imaginative name to be sure, but accurate—this bud is powerful. It’s a heavy Sativa strain, with a significant body buzz. It will make you feel light, euphoric, chatty and on your A-game. It’s also been known to cause arousal. The tropical flavor of this strain will transport you somewhere hot and exotic. It’s the perfect combination if you’re smoking pre-coital. Just have some gum on hand—it has been known to give users a dry mouth.

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Bubblegum Kush

A heavy Indica strain, Bubblegum Kush is sourced all the way from the Netherlands. It’s less of a get-up-and-go weed than it is a relaxant. It’s definitely a strain for something slow and passionate—not for the one night stand. Let’s call it “relationship weed.” It will leave you feeling satisfied, relaxed and in good spirits. It’s also good “focus weed,” which can certainly help your mind from wandering. Its namesake comes from its aromatic flavor, which to many users tastes exactly like Double-Bubble. 

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 Girl Scout Cookies

This strain is a fan favorite for a reason. Basically, OG Kush and Durban Poison made sweet, unprotected plant-love and popped out this hybrid strain known for its euphoric, and cerebral high. Girl Scout Cookies are known to clean up in Cannabis Cup competitions. It offers a mood-boosting high that’s great for handling stress or depression (though sex can probably do that on its own.) Girl Scout Cookies can make users talkative, so it’s a great strain if you’re, for example, on your fifth date with someone, looking to cook them dinner and have a great conversation. Where that conversation leads is for you two to decide.

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This Sativa dominant strain is known for its high levels of CBD. It’s a combination of four strains—Colombian Gold, Thai, Swiss Landrace and Nepali Indica—so maybe a good strain for the adventurous. Or if you’re this guy. Thanks to its high CBD ratio, it’s a strain that’s typically used for pain. But its uplifting, energetic properties, also makes an amazing strain to smoke before sex. It’s earthy smell and taste is sure to return you to your primal state.  Harlequin a reliable strain that’s gained notoriety for inducing relaxation and clarity. 

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Can you guess which county this strain originates from? Yumbolt is all the sexier because of its rarity. It’s the type of strain you would take a romantic, on-the-fly road trip just to find. As a heavy Indica, it is a powerful relaxant and will make you feel like you are melting into the bed. Therefore, it’s probably a better strain for cuddling than actual sex. You might call this the best strain for pillow-talk. In other words, it’s best suited for the Netflix and chill you’ll be doing after you “Netflix and chill.”

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Oct 11, 2017