This AR game for iPhones lets you fight strangers in the real world

An Augmented Reality version of the classic arcade game ‘Street Fighter’ is now available on smart phones.

Mar 18, 2018
Iconic Arcade Game 'Street Fighter' Is Released In Augmented Reality For iPhones

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Street Fighter is one of the most successful video games of all time. Its sequel, Street Fighter II, essentially led the 90s arcade boom. And yet, you did not play it on the street. You played it on a screen, in a mounted box, traditionally in a room.

One programmer is saying: ‘no more!’ Using augmented reality (also known as AR, think Pokemon Go), there is now a version of Street Fighter where Ryu can pummel Ken on any street. Even yours!

“As a 90s kid, I loved playing Street Fighter II with my sister,” tweeted Abhishek Singh, a designer and programmer, “so I rebuilt the arcade classic as a multiplayer AR game to actually take it into the streets.”

Singh’s prototype—’Street Fighter II: Real World Warrior,’ a riff on the original title, ‘The World Warrior’—works on iPhones. Players place their fighters on a flat surface—from a public intersection to a food court table—and then watch them battle it out in the real world. In the prototype, there’s Ryu, Ken, the spin-kicking Chun Li and the nearly nude Russian grappler Zangief. The infamous bonus mode where Street Fighters tear apart a stranger’s car appears to be included, though it won’t bend any real-life fenders. Probably.

“It’s kind of like a real-life Mexican standoff except you have your virtual gladiators fighting in this ring between you,” Singh told Gizmodo. “So it really is a live multiplayer AR experience, fully functional and playable.”

AR entered public consciousness in 2016, when Nintendo’s Pokemon Go conquered the summer. It hasn’t been as wildly exploited as you might have suspected after such a phenomenon, though it would be easy to argue that things like SnapChat filters and stickers use and popularize similar technology. A mobile AR Harry Potter game, made by the same creators of Pokemon Go, is expected to drop later this year. Nintendo announced a mobile Mario Kart game for next year, though it’s unknown if it will use AR like Pokemon Go featured.

In the meantime, if you see two people fighting in the street and you’re not using your phone, it probably isn’t Street Fighter II.

Mar 18, 2018