Sweet Tooth: A Delicious Evening Indica For Restorative Sleep

Featuring a relaxed and sleepy sort of high, the Sweet Tooth strain will calm your nerves and put you into a dreamy euphoria.

Sep 16, 2017

Searching for a sweet-tasting indica? Sweet Tooth is a delicious flower with some serious psychoactive potential. Featuring a relaxed and sleepy sort of high, this strain will calm your nerves and put you into a dreamy euphoria. Best for the evening time, pick up this award-winning flower before bed. Chances are, you’ll sleep the night away.

Strain details

The Sweet Tooth strain is a mixture of several landrace strains. Landrace strains are cannabis varieties native to a particular region. These flowers have adapted to these regions over time. Sweet Tooth contains genetics from various parts of the world, featuring Afghani, Nepalese, and Hawaiian parents. In terms of overall effect, this strain inherited much of the sedative effects of its Afghani indica mother.

Compared with many modern hybrids, this strain is not the most potent strain on the shelf. While some flowers can produce near 30 percent THC these days, Sweet Tooth often features an average of 16 to 20 percent. Samples with lower THC would make good selections for novice to moderate consumers. For expert consumers, this bud might produce a manageable drowsy high.

True to its name, Sweet Tooth features a delicious fruity aroma. The fragrance is strongly floral, with hints of wood and vibrant splashes of berry-flavored candy. This strain would be a perfect companion for a baked fruit or cream dessert, though keep in mind that Sweet Tooth does still have an herbal cannabis taste.

The Sweet Tooth experience

Sweet Tooth A 1 Can Rihannas Fenty Beauty Blotting Sheets Double As Rolling Papers?
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If you’re hoping to take a nice nap, this strain is for you. Sweet Tooth makes for an excellent night cap, providing consumers with a dreamy high that’s perfect for winding down at the end of the day. While the name of this flower sounds friendly, it can produce a powerful physical body high. This is perfect for those who struggle to relax their physiology.

The higher the dose, the more pronounced the couch-locking and sedative the effects will be. Experienced consumers may be able to handle taking microdoses of Sweet Tooth during the daytime. However, most will want to save this bud for a lazy weekend or a rainy day. When used sparingly, this strain has an uplifting and sociable quality that puts consumers into a mellow headspace.

Unfortunately, Sweet Tooth is famous for causing cotton mouth. Having a lolly pop or citrus fruits handy while consuming it can help keep your saliva flowing. In high doses, this strain can also cause dizziness and paranoia. Those sensitive to THC may want to start slow with this delicious bud.

Why do people use Sweet Tooth?

Sweet Tooth A 2 Can Rihannas Fenty Beauty Blotting Sheets Double As Rolling Papers?
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Recreationally, Sweet Tooth is a good strain for hanging out and watching movies on a lazy day. It’s also a popular choice for those who suffer from insomnia and anxiety that interferes with sleep. Those hoping to simply take it easy after a long day of work may want to stick to low doses of this relaxing flower.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick up Sweet Tooth for relief from body pain. This strain does provide a numbing, heavy-body sensation that helps muscles relax and eases tension. This strain is also popular among those hoping for a reprieve from mental health ailments like chronic stress and depression.

Sep 16, 2017