10 Cookie Decorating Videos That Will Blow Your Mind

From iPhones to watercolor feathers, here are ten cookie decorating how-to videos that are insanely delightful.

Nov 7, 2016

Everyone loves cookies. If you’re looking for cookies that are a real work of art, you need to check out Ambs Cookies. In addition to making your mouth water with her many cute designs, Amber Spiegel, aka SweetAmbs, will totally hypnotize you with her cookie decorating videos. From iPhones to watercolor feathers, here are ten cookie decorating how-to videos that are insanely delightful. 

1. Mini donuts

These mini donuts are so stinking cute. Not only are they tiny and adorable, but some also come with little sprinkles on top. Not to mention, watching the process of making them will soothe your soul.

2. Christmas lights

Now, Halloween is over, and people are eagerly pulling out their Christmas essentials. And with these Christmas light cookies, you and your stomach can get into the holiday spirit.

3. Makeup

Any item of makeup you could ever dream of is in this decorating video. However, the blush brush is by far the most precious. It even has a light dusting of a pinkish blush on its tip.

4. iPhones

If you need to chill out, you can do so simply by watching the creation of this iPhone cookie. They even come with apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Speaking of Instagram, you can follow SweetAmb and all of her gorgeous treats.

5. Swimming pools

After watching this swimming pool cookie how-to, you’ll want to dive mouth first into these summertime delights. Moreover, these cookies come with small inflatables. Oh, and a cute pair of sunglasses, too. The only thing missing, however, is the sunscreen. Perhaps that will be a future design?

6. Watercolor feathers

If you aren’t all mellowed out by now or sitting in a puddle of slobber, check out these watercolor feathers being made. With all of their lovely pastel color combinations, your eyes will get lost watching Amber work her magic on them. Some artists use a canvas, but all SweetAmb needs is a little dough.

7. Sugar skulls

For the most part, everyone loves sugar skulls. In general, they look badass. But when you turn them into a cookie, they become even more amazing. Between the bright colors and the background music, it’s hard to say which is more mesmerizing.

8. Galaxies

Light one up and watch the making of these impressive galaxy cookies. After seeing the blending of the colors that form into the final product, you’ll be in outer space yourself.

9. Emojis

Who doesn’t love emojis? And yes, there’s even the poop one.

10. Rainbow tie dye

Let your inner hippy shine with these gorgeous tie dye cookies.

Now go to SweetAmbs Instagram page to see more of her incredibly hypnotic cookie decorating skills. Check out her website too, where you can find out more about her amazing new book.

Nov 7, 2016