SuicideGirls: The online community of sexy tattooed stoners

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“I smoke before every shoot. I feel more open when I am stoned,” said model Ivory Coast.

Devon Preston
Jan 2, 2018

In 2001, Selena Mooney, a.k.a. Missy Suicide, created the now iconic alternative pin-up online community, SuicideGirls, and ever since she has helped introduce over 3,000 official models to the site. For 18 years and counting, SuicideGirls has fought to revolutionize our societies’ standard of beauty, one tattooed beauty at a time. And, luckily for the cannabis community, many of the models are total stoners and proudly share their passion for getting high on the site. One of these models, Ivory Suicide, of Queens, NY, has been with the company since 2014 and has had the opportunity to travel around the globe for the brand. Since “going pink” and becoming an official SuicideGirl, Ivory has shot sets in New York, Arizona, and Barcelona. We spoke to her about cannabis, modeling and why the two go perfectly together.

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Herb: Are there a lot of SuicideGirls who smoke?

IS: I’m sure that 95% of SuicideGirls smoke.

Herb: When were you first introduced to cannabis?

IS: On my ninth or 10th birthday. I had no idea what I was getting into and I stopped until I was 13.

Herb: Do you prefer Indicas or Sativas?

IS: Indicas always! Sativas make me think about crazy stuff.

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Herb: Do you have a favorite strain?

IS: I love Blue Dream.

Herb: Do you have a preferred method of consuming cannabis?

IS: I smoke a lot of backwoods, but also with my bong Casper.

Herb: How do you think that smoking influences your shoots?

IS: I have blue eyes, so smoking makes me way more red in the eyes. But, I also feel more apt to pose.

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Herb: Do you have any cannabis inspired tattoos?

IS: No, I don’t have any cannabis related tattoos. Yet, I always get asked if the clock tattoo I have is set on 4:20.

Herb: Do you smoke before you shoot for SuicideGirls?

IS: I smoke before every shoot. I feel more open when I’m stoned.

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Devon Preston
Jan 2, 2018