The 420 Games are smashing the stoner stereotype. We’ve been waiting for this!

We are sick of people assuming all cannabis users fit into one stoner stereotype: lazy, unmotivated, etc. See how the 420 Games are changing all of that.

Jun 18, 2015

Unfortunately, there are still many individuals out there that stereotype cannabis consumers as lazy, unmotivated, and unsuccessful stoners. But we all know that’s not true, especially when taking into account that not all consumers use cannabis to get “high”.

We trust this myth will slowly fade out with time. However, to expedite the process, the 420 Games is here to smash the stereotype.

The 420 Games is “a series of events aiming to destigmatize responsible cannabis use.” As stated by Jim McAlphine, the founder of the 420 Games:

“We’re coming off decades of negative propaganda stigmatizing cannabis use. We’ve all been lied to. It’s a bad rap and we need to change the dialogue. There are millions of people who use marijuana in effective, healthy and productive ways.”

Check out these incredible athletic-based events that serve to smash the overused and misconceived stereotypes towards cannabis users once and for all. Would you plan on being a part of these events?

Jun 18, 2015