The Funniest Legalization Debate: Drunk Guy vs. Stoned Guy

In this hilarious video, Vrooman moderates a debate ‘on marijuana legalization. But there is a catch!

Oct 29, 2015
Alcohol vs weed debate

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In this hilarious video, Vrooman moderates a debate on marijuana legalization. He chats with Ian MacIntyre, an author and activist who is against legalization. Arguing for pro-legalization is marijuana enthusiast Matt Folliott.

Here is the catch – Ian is very drunk and Matt is extremely stoned. 

Enter Scott Vrooman
debate scott Marijuana And Modern Day Religion. Is It A Sin?
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Citizen (Scott) Vrooman is a comedian who creates satirical videos about issues facing Canadian politics or other pressing issues in the country. Scott has written and performed for Conan, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Vice, Funny or Die, College Humor, The Toronto Star, and The Huffington Post. He is not just a funny guy – he was a professional economist at Finance Canada and the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council before pursuing comedy full time.

This year, he actually began a satirical campaign to run for senate against three (real) sitting members of the Senate. Although he didn’t win, his campaign did grab nation-wide attention.

The debate

Results? Well, Ian didn’t have much to say; probably because he was too drunk to even talk. Matt, on the other hand, was what some would call a “chatty Cathy”. And although he didn’t have anything commendable to say, at least he said something.

Keep in mind this is meant to be a satirical video and meant merely for laughs. But, this is a debate that Canada needs to have. They should follow the steps of the United States, and although the US has only made baby steps, it proves that legalization CAN work.


Legalization of marijuana in Canada has been ongoing for decades! In the 1920s, cannabis was outlawed in Canada. But at that time few people in had ever seen or heard of marijuana. They didn’t know what they were missing!

Similar to the United States, in the 1960s marijuana began gaining popularity. In the ’60s, the maximum penalty for possessing small amounts of cannabis was six months in prison and a $1,000 fine for a first offense.

In 1972, the Le Dain Commission released a report with the suggestion that weed should be legalized. John Lennon – yes that’s right – JOHN LENNON testified for marijuana legalization for Canada. He talked about how Canada could change the name for cannabis saying, “This is the opportunity for Canada to lead the world”. However, today, not much has changed. Marijuana is still illegal.

New Hope for Canada

Canada’s Liberal Party Leader and newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned on legalizing the marijuana and regulating its sale. He believes this is a step toward limiting youth access to pot by eroding the black market.

He has been quoted saying,

“Our current approach (prohibition) isn’t protecting our kids, we need to protect the vulnerable while respecting people’s freedoms.”

Oct 29, 2015