The Highest, Happiest, Healthiest City In America


The residents of Denver, Colorado prove that you can smoke marijuana and be happy, healthy, productive members of society.

Toni Moon
Feb 6, 2016

Denver, Colorado, the appropriately named “Mile High City,” is one mile above sea level, making it is one of the highest major cities in the U.S. At 5,280 miles above sea level in the high desert, the sun is strong, the air is thin, and leaving your house without at least a full 48-ounce Nalgene is a really bad idea.

Walking around Denver, you’ll see a bunch of attractive, happy, millennials eating brunch in yoga pants, leaving dispensaries with smiling faces, jogging, or road biking. You’ll think to yourself, “Is this heaven?” The answer is, yes, it is stoner heaven. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and most likely the people around you are really high.

The Highest

pot party The Highest, Happiest, Healthiest City In America
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Not only is Denver high in elevation, but also nearly 20 percent of the city’s residents are high in a marijuana-induced haze. With a population exceeding 650,000, Denver actually has one marijuana store for every 3,780 residents, and there’s at least a hundred more opening in the near future. In fact, there are more dispensaries in Colorado than Starbucks, McDonald’s, and 7-Elevens combined. Denver is literally and metaphorically the highest, highest city in the U.S.

Denver not only embraces the use of their top-notch greenery but every year, Denver hosts the world’s largest 4/20 celebration. There is always a line-up of rappers like Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg (shocker) at Civic Center Park. Throughout the week of 4/20 there are comedy shows, sushi and joint rolling classes, puff and paint classes and so much more. In April 2016, a High Times Cannabis Cup, the world’s leading marijuana trade show will also be held in Denver.

The Happiest

happy The Highest, Happiest, Healthiest City In America
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But, don’t get it twisted. We’re not only focused on tie-dyed shirts and blunt rolling competitions. In 2015, Forbes ranked Denver number one for “Best Places for Business and Careers,” for our diverse economy, highly educated labor force, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Denver residents are using marijuana, but also kicking ass professionally and recreationally (pun intended). In fact, adults with higher incomes and more education are more likely than others to use marijuana.

The Healthiest

active The Highest, Happiest, Healthiest City In America
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This year, Denver was ranked as the fourth healthiest city in the U.S., based on a measure of obesity, smoking (cigarettes), diabetes, and access to health care. In Denver, the obesity rate falls under 23 percent and cigarette smoking under 18 percent. Denver’s fitness index and percentage of residents who do some kind of physical activity are among the highest in the country.

What’s the Point?

yoga The Highest, Happiest, Healthiest City In America
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One of the beautiful parts of living in Denver is that while people might be smoking marijuana daily, they are socially, psychologically and physically healthy.  It seems like our millennial workforce is always working hard, playing hard, and smoking hard. It could be the lack of oxygen to our brains, the superb herb we’re smoking, or the constant sunshine, but people here seem truly happy. There are limitless adventures to be had in the Rocky Mountains, a multitude of employment opportunities, and the option to reward yourself with whatever (legal) marijuana strain, edible, candy, or soda you could want.

The secret is out about Denver’s trifecta of being a high, happy, and healthy city. In just a single year, the population increased by 101,000 people. This kind of population boom is predicted again for next year too. It seems like the Denverites are proving that you can smoke marijuana and be happy, healthy, productive members of society and from the droves of people who move here each year, I’d say a lot of other people agree.

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Toni Moon
Feb 6, 2016