The ‘Super Bowl Party’ Is What We All Need

This is not your average Super Bowl party…

Sep 13, 2015

We think you can tell that we are a fan of LifeAccordingToJimmy’s YouTube channel here. It’s because he is an extremely great comedic actor with hilarious skits – it is the reason he landed himself a role in the movie 22 Jump Street.

We’ve posted his “THAT High Guy”, “The Worst Weed Dealer Ever” and also “The Smoke Sesh Games” Part 1 and also Part 2. You can never go wrong with his videos – especially when they are related to cannabis.

Just in time for football season, we decided to throw on his “Super Bowl Party” skit where Jimmy’s character thinks he is going to his friend’s house for a Super Bowl party…an actual Super Bowl party. However, he soon finds out that it’s a different type of Super Bowl party. It is one that we all need to start having.

Sit back, spark up a super bowl, and enjoy this funny skit!

Sep 13, 2015