Top 3 Strains With The Most Mind-Blowing Psychoactive Effects

We searched high and low through Colorado’s recreational and medical shops and picked out our Top 3 choices for the highest yielding psychoactive THC buds.

Jan 16, 2016

With current marijuana legalization across the United States, it is no wonder the weed industry is booming to an all-time high. Cultivators now have the clearance for optimal grow methods and top of the line research in order to produce the strongest bud cures.

Is low potency marijuana a thing of the past?

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According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, marijuana off the street in 1978 yields an average THC potency of 1.37%. Fastforward to 1998 and marijuana off the street yields on average a THC potency of 8%. Since 2012 a significant boom has occurred in THC potency with many strains weighing in at highs of between 20 – 25% THC yields.

THC, the psychoactive chemical of the plant is most often found at high yields in Sativa buds. It tends towards a cerebral effect, a “heady” energized buzz, euphoric and bright, that will make you want to get up and do something.

Sativa tends to pack a punch in getting the creative juices flowing – good for musicians, artist, sports players, and the recreational user along with medical patients. The buzz can feel somewhat racy at times to the new comer of these powerful strains and paranoia is not uncommon to the faint and inexperienced user.

Going for the mind blowing ganja

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I decided it was time to travel through the mountains and find the most mind bending ganja available to cover for the Stoner’s Cookbook. Why? Because Gusto, man.

We wanted to see what the highest THC yield of bud in our area was, searching some of the top named dispensaries in the Colorado region. We were in it for good taste—that top end Sativa with the highest potency to date— and to see, of course, just how mind blowingly high we could possibly get.

We searched the mountain’s recreational and medical shops high and low picking out our top choices for the highest yielding psychoactive THC buds. Many Sativas and Hybrids came to our list for the most mind blowing Ganj around. Here is our analysis of some top picks:

1. Tickle Kush

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An Indica Dominant Hybrid grown by Greenwerkz, Colorado weighing in at 27% THC. This badass nugget is not recommended for the newbs.

The strain is fairly new on the market and named one of High Times Strongest Strains on Earth 2014. It is a hybrid mix of LA Kush (Indica dominant) x ChemDawg (Sativa) characterized by its heavy, relaxing body high. Unlike some Indica dominant hybrids, the surprise in this bud is the incredibly enjoyable and uplifting creative-head-space, good for lots of laughs and conversation starters at any party. Sure to relieve stress and tension, and is an amazing medicinal pain reliever.

Where many Indica buds leave you sleep-laden or couch-locked, the cerebral effect of Tickle Kush’s THC content makes for an active buzz with a fantastic body high that doesn’t make you feel stuck or unmotivated. The taste of the bud is light and fruity with tones of ripe berry and crisp apple flavor. It is a stone for hours, and a definite pick for those who can get their hands on this bad boy.

2. Ghost Trainwreck # 9

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We ventured to Boulder, Colorado’s The Farm to find this precious glowing, green gem. This Sativa bud weighed in at a whooping 30.90 % THC. (Not something you’ll see everyday.) So we grabbed 7 grams of it for good measure because when its good like this, it’s damn good.

This Sativa is a cross between Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG strains. These gnarly nugs boasted loads of white crystal trichomes making them promisingly the best of the best. These nuggets taste were wonderful with rich earthy tones. They are very sweet, and with a highly delicious burst of citrus.

At a low dose I was concentrated and focused taking on daily task with a creative and glowing euphoric energy. After several heavy bong rips I was racing around the house murmuring strange incoherent thoughts—what we like to call the “hazed” affect— which lasted a good hour before the buzz settled back into an active calm and energetic high. So I will say, even for a daily smoker, this potent strain will definitely jar your head, just as the name says—like a trainwreck.

So with Ghost Trainwreck #9, at first heavy hits came on with overwhelm but after an hour I had a good long consistent high without a crash. This was a very enjoyable and very long lasting high that makes for the headiest of hitters in the industry by far. Already anxious patrons, beware. This one has a hell of an energy kick.

3. Gorilla’s Glue #4

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1st Place winner of the 2014 L.A. Cannabis cup, this unique hybrid bud is a one of a kind cerebral hit with full body affect and an all time favorite among its high THC competitors.

The Gorilla Glue hybrid is a genetics blend of Chem’s Sister crossed with Chocolate Diesel/Sour Dubb. The smoke is sweet and rich, with earthy tones both piney, and with that, a poison gasoline musk that just adds for extra promise to its potency. I even get hints of sweet lemon citrus, notes of diesel fuel, and spicy woody notes as well.

This nugget is a force to be reckoned with and has topped out as having the highest THC content thus far in testing. 12 consecutive test by SC Labs showed one Colorado growers strain of GG4 to test out at between 30 and a magnificent 33.5% —setting the all time record for THC content on the market today.

So, hell yea, we had to get our hands on some of this high octane herb for a little test of our own!!

The high was pretty immediate. A pure psychedelic intensity came on after the first toke, then a more mellow level of sedation set in after about 30 minutes. At first this one kicked with a real big head rush, as one might expect from a sativa based blend, leaving me euphoric and happy, and then tapering off into a nice mellow Indica chill with a very heavy body high that had me glued to the couch before bedtime. Another kick ass strain that we wouldn’t recommend for the already anxious, faint of heart, or new comer to the more mind blowing ganjas of the day.

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Do you agree with our Top 3 picks, and have you tried them? Do you have another favorite? Share with us on social media or in the comments section below! We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Jan 16, 2016