Triangle Kush: A Relaxing Indica That Fights Depression

Looking for an easygoing bud that will get the conversation flowing? Triangle Kush is the happy, upbeat indica for the job.

Apr 5, 2017

It’s no surprise that Triangle Kush comes from the Sunshine State. Happy, relaxed, and creative, this bud is known for inspiring a positive attitude and delightful conversation. Though this bud can get a little drowsy, Triangle Kush is the perfect addition to an easygoing day with friends and family. Here’s the scoop on this potent yet humble herb.

Strain details

Triangle Kush is a mysterious indica that hails from Florida. It’s named after the triangle created by the State’s three largest cannabis-producing cities, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami.

Unfortunately, the genetics of this strain are unknown. However, coming across a clone cut of this plant is a lucky find.

For those who love a strong bud, this strain can be extremely potent. On the low side, Triangle Kush may test at around 20 percent THC. On the high side, the THC in this bud soars to an astronomical 26 percent. With numbers like these, this strain is best saved for experienced cannabis consumers.

Like many other Kush strains, the aroma of Triangle Kush is of pungent, sweet pine and earth. A floral brightness may hit the nose on the first sniff, but it’s shortly followed by a more robust, earthy quality that perhaps lends to the grounded and relaxing effects of the herb.

The Triangle Kush experience

Triangle Kush A 1 7 New Ways Cannabis Will Dominate Your Wellness Regime
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Triangle Kush is a great strain for the artistic types. While this flower can be extremely potent, it’s thought to promote periods of creativity and thoughtfulness. Though, considered an 85 percent indica, this strain can also have some sleepy effects. Overall, this bud is best saved for a rainy weekend or a slow afternoon.

In general, consumers can expect a very uplifting and euphoric high. The effects of this bud are known to have a slow onset, but once they kick in, you’re off on an enjoyable mental adventure. If you smoke a little too much of this herb, however, don’t be surprised if you find yourself heavy-lidded and ready for a nap.

As a high-THC strain, you can expect an increase in appetite after trying this strain. A great bud to pull out while watching a comedy with some popcorn or other favorite snacks. In general, this bud is considered an excellent choice for those interested in mindful conversation.

Why do people use Triangle Kush?

Triangle Kush A 2 7 New Ways Cannabis Will Dominate Your Wellness Regime
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Triangle Kush is one of those strains that may surprise you with its extremely pleasant, upbeat high. Though this strain tends to be slow-moving, Triangle Kush is one to break out while in the company of others. This bud is thought to foster a sociable atmosphere and keeps things light and fun.

Medical cannabis consumers use Triangle Kush for a variety of reasons. Thanks to the easy, upbeat attitude Triangle Kush inspires, this strain is extremely popular among patients with depression. After a few tastes, much of the day’s worries, stresses, and anxieties seem to melt away.

This bud is also popular among those with insomnia, as well as chronic pain. The average headache doesn’t stand a chance against Triangle Kush, and this bud might help those with migraines forget about the splitting pain and discomfort for a little while. Those sensitive to THC might experience some anxiety with this strain.

Apr 5, 2017