You Have To See Nick And Nate Diaz Smoking A UFC Glove-Shaped Blunt

Watch this video to see Nick and Nate Diaz smoking a $2,000 UFC glove-shaped blunt. What will UFC have to say about this?

Jan 23, 2017

Nick and Nate Diaz love weed. Everyone knows it, but how much do they actually like the herb? During this video, the brothers smoke one of the biggest blunts you’ll ever see. In fact, this particular blunt is worth $2,000. Not to mention, they’re smoking a blunt rolled to be a UFC glove. What will UFC have to say about this? In the meantime, check out the video below to see the world’s #1 weed-loving athletic brothers toking on one badass blunt.

$2,000 UFC glove-shaped blunt

Typically, watching people smoke weed is no fun, unless you get to join in. However, something is satisfying about watch two of the best stoner athletes toking on some good green.

It’s no secret that Nick and Nate Diaz love weed, but how much do they enjoy it? Apparently, they like it enough to smoke a $2,000 blunt.

In fact, this blunt is probably one of the biggest ones you’ve ever seen. Not only is it gigantic, but the brothers are also smoking out of a UFC glove-shaped blunt.

During the video, you can see the lovely blunt being passed back and forth. There must be some high-quality weed inside because all you can hear is everyone coughing.

If you keep up with Nick Diaz, then you know that he received a 5-year suspension because of weed, which was later reduced to eighteen months. But that hasn’t stopped the athlete one bit, as you can clearly see.

Of course, UFC will more than likely have something to say about that move. But who cares? It’s not every day you get to smoke a $2,000 blunt.

Although some will never get to experience such a luxury, you can at least imagine what it’s like to smoke such a massive blunt thanks to the Diaz boys.

Jan 23, 2017