What Should You Look For When Choosing A Vape For Music Festivals?

Choosing the right vape for music festivals is just as important as remembering your ticket. Several criteria will determine if your vape will survive.

Apr 25, 2017

Summertime is upon us folks and that means at least several trips to concerts and/or music festivals. This year, as you’re planning your excursions to musical masterpieces, take into consideration the way you want to consume cannabis at the shows. Don’t just think about rolling papers and bowls, consider vaporizers for their portability, stealth, and durability.

Vaping at Ultra Music Festival

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To kick off the festival season with a bang, a few of my buddies and I went to Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Leading up to the festival, we planned out every detail. We knew which sets we wanted to see, we had ponchos incase it rained, stylin’ fanny packs, and plenty of weed and concentrates.

For three months we planned everything through a group chat that was as alive as Daft Punk’s last tour. About a month before the festival, one of my buddies asked how we would smoke concentrates at the show. He wanted to know if any of us had a good vape pen that would endure the weekend’s debauchery.

Nobody had a good solution, so I did a little research and decided I would try the Linx Hypnos Zero extract vaporizer.

The Linx Hypnos Zero

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I ordered the Hypnos a few weeks before the festival and waited with anticipation. When it arrived, I opened it for inspection – I was ecstatic! Just as described, the Hypnos was small, but not too small – perfect for stashing away from the prying eyes of security. Despite its small size (a bit smaller than a pen), it had a sturdy weight and felt durable.

I placed the 650 mAH battery on its charger and began inspecting the device.

The Hypnos uses a wickless atomizer, so you place your concentrates directly on a ceramic heating plate. The battery has four heat settings that allow you to control the temperature of your dabs (obviously), but this is important if you are concerned about flavor.

The only hesitation I had was that the chamber seemed a bit small. Keep in mind, I was planning to pack it with enough concentrate to last me the day at Ultra.

Trial vape run

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When the battery finished charging, I put the device together and loaded it with some Durraflame shatter that I purchased from Boulder, Colorado. I set the Hypnos to its medium temperature setting and fired it up.

Just as promised, the flavor profile was just like taking a low temp dab – it was perfect. I vaped it until it was empty, and reloaded it with about ¼ gram of the Durraflame.

I vaped the pen on and off for the next few hours and determined that it would be a good pen for a day at the festival.

The day finally arrived. We geared up and headed to the chaotic gates of Ultra 2017. We quickly waded through the sea of spaced out EDM fanatics and reached security. Word on the street was that security was confiscating vape pens, so I stashed the pen in my waistband and crossed my fingers.

The Hypnos’ sleek design made it perfect for low profile stashing. I successfully avoided the curious hands of my assigned security guard and entered the venue. Commence vaping!

Vape all day?

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The Hypnos, loaded with about 1/3 gram of shatter, was itching to make its way out of my waistband – or maybe I was itching to get it out. No problem little vape, it’s time to party!

We started passing it around, enjoying the dabaliciousness that the Hypnos has to offer. The 1/3rd gram lasted three of us about four hours. A little less than I would’ve liked, but luckily we came prepared with reloads. Needless to say, we made it through the day appropriately high from using the Hypnos.

Overall, the Hypnos is an ideal vape pen for concentrates. It is stealthy, produces great flavor, and is certainly durable. The only setbacks for this device are that its chamber is a bit small and it doesn’t come with any tools to clean the chamber.

Granted, if you use it correctly, the chamber will sort of auto clean itself, by vaping 100% of the product you insert.

Apr 25, 2017