Vaporizers & Caffeine: A Match Made In Cannabis Heaven

What do you get when you mix vaporizing cannabis with consuming caffeine? A match made in cannabis heaven.

Sep 2, 2015

It’s no surprise that the drink most cannabis smokers prefer is none other than coffee. Studies show that coffee allows marijuana users to smoke less while maintaining their high—plus there’s the soothing aspect of a hot drink on the throat. And with vaporizers (which heat the plant material, extracting the THC without combusting the herb) increasing in popularity, you now have more opportunities for unique pairings—and it just so happens that this evolving way of smoking cannabis is not only good for you but also pairs incredibly with coffee.

Obtaining that Upbeat High
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Vaping cannabis is great for tasting and feeling the differences between strains. Without the addition of harmful chemicals from both the lighter and bud, the complexities of the plant can be discovered. For those who find it hard to differentiate between an indica and sativa, vaping is the best way to discover this. Vaping a sativa strain and drinking coffee can awaken your mind and allow for a day of productivity, creativity or adventure. The two work harmoniously in giving you a healthy, upbeat high throughout your day.

Matches Made in Heaven
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For those on-the-go, a portable vaporizer like the G Pro is perfect—this vape is herb-friendly and discreet enough to bring anywhere. People who need to be on-the-go will usually prefer a sativa strain of cannabis like Durban Poison. This strain is known for its upbeat and energetic high and pairs best with an espresso coffee. For those who are looking to subdue themselves for a few hours should consider smoking an indica strain like Purple OG Kush out of a stationary Volcano vaporizer. Great for extracting flavors and THC, it is hard to hit just one bag so be prepared to feel a little heavy. To combat this feeling, consider using a French press to extract flavor and energy from a dark roast coffee bean. The coffee will not only keep you from nodding off but will be as flavorful as your vaped cannabis.

Evolutions in Vaping & Coffee
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Because vaporizing has become so popular amongst both cannabis users as well as those trying to quit smoking (e-cigarettes), the industry has been booming and innovating. Eagle Energy Vapor out of Vancouver, British Columbia is looking to add to the caffeine market with a device that looks similar to an e-cigarette. This product contains no nicotine, cannabis or sugar but does contain common energy drink ingredients like guarana, ginseng and taurine. Each stick has about 500 puffs and can keep you energized through the day.

Caffeine and cannabis lovers be ready—further progress in the industry of vaporizing will lead to similar products that contain or pair great with coffee. We can’t wait.

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Sep 2, 2015