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Vaporizers With A Long-Lasting Battery Won’t Let You Down When You Need It The Most

Don’t drop hundreds of dollars on a vaporizer that dies on you every time you leave the house.

Jun 9, 2018 - Jane Hobson

Vaporizers are a great option for people looking for a discreet way to get high on the go. But what’s the point of having a portable vaporizer if the battery doesn’t last? Battery life is an essential feature that affects the device’s convenience, portability, and vapor quality. Vaporizers with a long-lasting battery will fit seamlessly into your routine. From a long hike to a day running errands, a lasting battery gives you the freedom and convenience of a quick draw anytime, anyplace. Here’s a look at three best vaporizers with a long-lasting battery.


vapee New Yorks Health Department To Recommend The State Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
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The PAX 3 from Pax Labs is a portable conduction vaporizer suitable for dry herbs and concentrates. Powered by a rechargeable 3500mAh lithium-ion battery, it only takes 15 seconds for this device to reach its initial temperature. When full, the battery lasts for about eight sessions or 100 minutes.

Controlled via the Bluetooth app, you can choose from 4 pre-set temperature programs. One of these programs is Efficiency Mode. When in this mode, the oven temperature increases by 1 degree every 2 seconds while your lips are on the mouthpiece. Efficiency Mode preserves battery life when you’re running low. It uses the default amount of energy from the battery while the temperature increase automatically replenishes the heat that escapes from the oven on each draw. This mode ensures rich, consistent vapor even when your battery needs a charge. 

A gentle shake of the PAX 3 reveals the battery percentage, making it easy to check when you need to charge it. When it is time to juice up, it takes 90 minutes to charge fully with the Pax charger. The PAX 3 is a super convenient unit for people who are looking to sneak a couple of discreet draws here and there. The device also vibrates when it has reached its optimal temperature. This haptic feedback feature means you can keep it concealed in your pocket until it’s ready.

Arizer Solo II

lwd New Yorks Health Department To Recommend The State Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
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The Arizer Solo II is a dry herb vaporizer designed for all-day use. The battery lasts about 3 hours or 20 sessions, making it one of the best vaporizers with a long-lasting battery currently available on the market.

The powerful battery takes only 24 seconds to heat the Solo II to its initial temperature. The hybrid heating system uses both convection and conduction to ensure your dry herbs are vaporized without being burned. You can go with cool or warm draws since you have the choice of temperature settings between 50°C and 200°C. Turn it on, heat it up and get several perfect draws all in less than one minute.

The screen conveniently displays how much battery is remaining on your device. When it is time for a charge, it takes about 3 hours to get back to full. Luckily, you can still use the unit while it’s charging. Say goodbye to waiting around for a charge before being able to take another draw.

The Mighty Vaporizer

vapeee New Yorks Health Department To Recommend The State Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
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The Mighty from Storz & Bickel is a portable vaporizer powered by two lithium-ion batteries. Suitable for dry herbs and concentrates, the Mighty lasts for about 90 minutes which makes it one of the best vaporizers with a long-lasting battery. It takes a maximum of two minutes to reach your desired temperature. This speed is convenient for people who don’t want to wait around or worry about a dead battery.

The Mighty can be used at any temperature between 40°C and 210°C. This precise control gives flavorful and smooth draws at any temperature. By using hybrid heating (both convection and conduction), it heats your dry herb without singeing it. The vapor slows as it moves through the cooling path, providing fresh draws. It also features an auto shut-off after 60 seconds to help preserve battery life.

Along with displaying temperature, the LED display indicates how much battery is left so you can be prepared for when it’s going to need a charge. If entirely dead, it takes about 2 hours to charge fully. Fortunately, you can use the device as soon as it’s plugged in. The pass-through charging lets you get back to vaping immediately, so you don’t have to put your day on pause while waiting for it to recharge.

The Mighty is made from durable plastic and has a grate-like appearance that works to keep the device from overheating. The batteries, heating chamber, and mouthpiece are separated from each other to prevent them from getting too hot. This powerful unit fits comfortably into any backpack or purse making it a convenient on-the-go device. $469.95.

These vaporizers offer a convenient and portable way to get high anytime, anywhere thanks to their reliable batteries. You won’t have to wait a long time for the unit to heat up and you can tuck it back in your pocket or purse when you’re done. Vaporizers with a long-lasting battery truly offer a discreet vaping experience.

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