Violator Kush: A Heavy-Hitting Indica With A Playful Spirit

If you’re searching for something heavy yet whimsical, look no further. The name may sound scary, but Violator Kush is a delightful bud with several uses.

May 10, 2017

Violator Kush is a friendly (but substantial) housecat with a lioness name. Though this strain can certainly be quite heavy, especially to novice consumers, it is considered a fairly moderate and silly indica all around. Providing a strong body high and a whimsical mental experience, this strain is excellent for those who need serious relief with a playful attitude.

Strain details

Though the name might be a little disturbing, Violator Kush is an excellent indica from the famous Barney’s Farm Seeds. A cross between a couple of landrace strains, Hindu Kush and Malana, this bud is an updated take on some of the oldest strains around. The result is a powerful bud with surprisingly silly cannabis experience.

Like most of Barney’s Farm creations, Violator Kush can pack some serious THC. When grown in the right condition, this strain can produce over 21 percent THC. Levels like these are almost unheard of in landrace varieties. However, as a contemporary indica hybrid, this strain bridges the gap between the old and the new.

This strain creates a thick and earthy smoke. Woody undertones and a kick of pungent spice give Violator Kush a hypnotic aroma, perfect for winding into a deep sleep after a long day. An excellent resin producer, it makes excellent hash for those interested in pressing at home.

The Violator Kush experience

Violator Kush Strain 1 6 Totally Relatable Things If You Spend More Than $30 Weekly On Weed
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Violator Kush is an excellent strain for those who love to kick back, sink into the couch, and watch some comedy at home. While this strain can be pretty heavy for novice consumers, it is generally thought to provide a medium indica high. Most consumers can expect plenty of giggles after a few tastes of this smokey bud.

Happy and relaxing, it tends to provide a deeply sedative body experience. Mentally, however, this strain is not one to leave most consumers completely incapacitated. Yet, beware. Once you sit down, you may suddenly lose the urge to finish up your chores or care much about things that aren’t interesting to you.

Though this strain can be a little drowsy, it is sociable enough to take along to a happy hour or an evening event with friends. Otherwise, it’s probably best to stick to lazy weekends with this bud.

Perfect to taste just before a big meal, Violator Kush has a reputation for stimulating the munchies. Though this bud can cause dry mouth, it will certainly give your appetite a kick-start.

Why do people use Violator Kush?

Violator Kush Strain 2 6 Totally Relatable Things If You Spend More Than $30 Weekly On Weed
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The friendly, upbeat nature of Violator Kush makes it an excellent recreational strain. Any type of slow, fun task that does not require too much thought would be an excellent activity to pair with Violator Kush.

Painting, easygoing gardening, fishing, lounging in the park, or enjoying a beer or two at home with friends would all make excellent companions for Violator Kush.

Many medical cannabis consumers also appreciate the pain-relieving properties of this bud. Violator Kush tends to provide an easy body sensation that is comfortably heavy and numbing.

Those who struggle with insomnia will also find a friend in this strain. Though there are heavier indicas out there, this one can cause some heavy lids, making it a great pre-bedtime treat.

May 10, 2017