This Is The Vaping Device 007 Would Use


Wow! Now you can vape with your smartphone anytime, anywhere, and no one has to know, thanks to the technology behind the new VQ.

Christopher Teague
Aug 16, 2016

Today, we carry more things with us than ever. Wallet, keys, gum, makeup, tissues, phone, our whole lives get stuffed into pockets or purses. And as cannabis consumers, traditionally we’ve been stuck with even more to carry around. But life just got a whole lot less chaotic. Finally, the sort of discreet vaping device 007 would have.

Vaping anywhere anytime

1 vaportronix sleek vape pen pocket This Is The Vaping Device 007 Would Use
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Why carry around one more thing, when you can carry one less? Vaportronix wants to provide the world with the most convenient and discrete vaping experience, help you eliminate clutter from your life and make vaping less complicated. The new VQ not only keeps your vape safe but your iPhone as well.

With the VQ case, your phone just became even more valuable. The sleek case discreetly hides your vape so you can carry, and use it, just about anywhere.

Always ready

2 vaportronix sleek vape pen blow This Is The Vaping Device 007 Would Use
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The VQ keeps you ready for any herbal situation. Switching from liquid to wax or back again is as simple as swapping cartridges in seconds. And you never have to worry about running out of power, because the VQ recharges the VQStick the second you put it back in the case.

Want to put the phone away and enjoy the day? With the VQStick, you can enjoy vaping with or without your phone in hand. The VQStick vapes smooth and clean. Enjoy unparalleled flavor in the palm of your hand and take your herbal experience to new highs.

Want to keep it ultra discreet? Just slide it up in the case and press the button. No one will notice someone holding a phone. It’s that easy.

The VQ will simplify your life

3 vaportronix sleek vape pen holding This Is The Vaping Device 007 Would Use
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Why would you want to stay stuck with that bulky vaporizer that bulges in your pocket or adds to the clutter of your purse? Vaping is supposed to make the cannabis experience easier, not harder. Smartphones have become the one tool we always have on hand.

Never miss a puff with the new VQ. Starting off with the iPhone 6, they plan to add compatible cases for Samsung Galaxy S7, and the new iPhone 7 as well. There has never been a better reason to upgrade your phone and vaporizer, and there has never been a better way to keep them both safe. Check out on facebook.

Would a phone case with a vape inside make your life simpler? What about quick change cartridges? Do you prefer dry herb or concentrates? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.

Christopher Teague
Aug 16, 2016