Watch Seth Rogen Take a Cannabis Quiz: Would You Pass?

Watch Seth Rogen take a quiz on whether the names he is presented with are strain names or band names!

Nov 25, 2015

In a press tour for his movie Neighbors, Seth Rogen and his co-star Rose Byrne were challenged by Colorado TV Show Everyday to take a quiz. Both were hesitant at first, making it clear that neither have stepped foot in the state and that Seth was from Canada and Rose from Australia.

They were happy to hear it was actually a Cannabis Quiz, to which Seth admits he is an expert (duhhh). They’re given names and have to decipher whether they are strains of weed or band names.

You know you’ve made it when a strain is named after you.

“How psyched are you weed is legal?” Seth asks the interviewer, “Now you’re whole job is to talk about weed.” Not disagreeing, the interviewer proceeds to ask Seth and Rose what they would name their own strain of weed if given the chance.

Seth mentions that there is already Pineapple Express and there actually wasn’t that strain previous to the movie. He and James Franco said if they ever went to a dispensary to buy weed and were offered a strain by that name, they’d made it – and that’s exactly what happened.

Can you Beat Their Score?

Think you can beat their score of 88%?  Try the Quiz below before watching the video and let us know on Facebook how you did! Answers are listed at the bottom of this article.

The Quiz: Which of the below is a weed strain or band name?

  1. Chernoble
  2. Train Wreck
  3. Opi Gone Bad
  4. Romulan Cotton Candy
  5. D. Elders
  6. Yuckleberry Wow
  7. Purple Earkle
  8. String Cheese Incident

See below for answers and let us know how you did on Facebook.

Now watch Seth take the quiz:


  1. Chernoble – Weed Strain
  2. Train Wreck – Weed Strain
  3. Opi Gone Bad – Band Name
  4. Romulan Cotton Candy – Weed Strain
  5. D. Elders – Band Name
  6. Yuckleberry Wow – Weed Strain
  7. Purple Earkle – Weed Strain
  8. String Cheese Incident – Band Name

Nov 25, 2015