Watch: Smoking Weed With Mom For The First Time

This mother and son are about to experience their first hilarious high together.

May 12, 2016

This mother/son duo sat down with Buzzfeed to share in their first bong together. While both have been cannabis users for some time, the two had never bonded with each other over a smoke sessions, until now.


Scott and his mother Illie share their love for cannabis with each other, but not usually their use. To capture this first-time experience, Buzzfeed documented the pair, as they take bong rip after bong rip, wondering why they had never done this together before.

Illie begins by explaining that cannabis was never really her “thing” when she was younger. Aside from the occasional party-joint here and there, she never really sought it out. However, after being diagnosed with cancer, and undergoing sickening treatments, Illie found relief in herb through her doctor. She now regularly uses cannabis oil as a medical marijuana patient.

When it comes to Scott, Illie admits she was surprised to learn he was also a cannabis enthusiast, saying she never really thought he was into it. Scott explains his reasoning why he chose to begin using herb, and it makes perfect sense.

“It wasn’t [my thing] for a long time, and then one, day it was. It gives me a lot less problems than getting hammered. The worst I do when I’m high is like, ‘Alright! Let’s watch something on TV!’”

Mother, may I?

Of course, packing a bong for your own mother would be a little strange since many of us are more likely to have experienced trying to sneak past our parents while high. Despite the awkwardness, Scott breaks up the buds and packs a nice, hearty bowl for his dearly-beloved momma. He even sparks the herb for her and encourages her take a little more.

“I’ve got to say, it is kind of weird to be loading a bong for my mom.” – Scott

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May 12, 2016