Watch Weediquette #1: Stoned Kids

Check out the first of Krishna Andavolu’s journey through cannabis culture in the excellent series, “Weediquette”.

May 1, 2016

“Weediquette” is the series by Vice, hosted by Krishna Andavolu that examines cannabis culture by showing its potential, and the consequences of the war on drugs. The first episode of Weediquette delves into one of the most beneficial, yet controversial uses for medical marijuana. The act of giving children an illegal schedule 1 drug can definitely make the average person skeptical, but once they see the children’s lives transform after the treatment, they are usually left speechless.

The mindset around weed is based on old stigmas based on bad information, basically.” – Andavolu


With conventional treatments not working for little Lauranne, her mother, Kaleena, did some research and came upon the concentrated cannabis oil treatment. While it is thought to reset the bodies normal cell death cycle, clinical trials have yet to be performed to verify this claim. But with Lauranne now in remission, there is more pressure than ever for the government to begin studies on cannabis oil as a treatment for cancer.

High doses

For the treatment to be effective, the average dose for a lot of cancer patients is much higher than what people take for less serious medical conditions or recreationally usage.

“To be effective, the cannabis has to be so concentrated, that one capsule contains the equivalent of roughly ten bong rips of high grade medical marijuana.” – Krishna

These concentrated capsules are usually extracted from strains of cannabis that are high in THC and CBD, the highly important molecules for tumor suppression and chemotherapy relief.

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May 1, 2016