Watch: Eugene Levy On Legalization

The Huffington Post flagged down Eugene Levy for an interview, and of course, they could not stay off the topic of marijuana and legalization.

Mar 24, 2016

Although he recently starred in Schitt’s Creek, Eugene Levy is better known for his role as dad in American Pie. And  check it out – he’s all for legalization. Huffington Post stopped Eugene Levy earlier this month for an interview, during which the topic of conversation of the recently elected Canadian Prime Minister.

Eugene Levy reveals that he’s all for the legalization of marijuana in Canada. Check out the video below to hear his thoughts about the changes happening in Canada.

“Nice face to put on a country!”

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Eugene Levy is glad to be Canadian under the new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. “He’s young, he’s a Trudeau, he’s brought a bit of splash back to Canada. It’s nice. I think it’s refreshing, and he’s bringing a lot of progressive things to the table,” Levy said. He even comments on the good looks of the new Canadian leader by saying, “Hey, nice face to put on a country!”

Levy is also excited about the changes to marijuana law that Trudeau is bringing. He says it would simply “solve a lot of problems”, which is true in regards to crime and the black market. He also comments on the incentive that the government has to take the plunge, which is the potential for revenue through charging the industry tax.

But American politics is more entertaining

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In another part of his interview with Huffington Post, Levy expresses his interesting perspective on the upcoming US election. He thinks this election is “unbelievably entertaining” compared to elections in the past, which have been kind of dry. For Levy, Donald Trump is treating this election like a comedy show. According to Levy, it could be “better than anybody expected or it’s gonna turn out worse than people expected, but either way, it’s a show.”

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Mar 24, 2016